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Understand yourself as a leader

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  • Jun 7, 2018
Understand yourself as a leader

Alex Kinsella, Digital Marketing Manager at Communitech, and Cole Mason, VP of Product at Arcane

Alex Kinsella, Digital Marketing Manager at Communitech, and Cole Mason, VP of Product at Arcane, both attended the Ivey Leadership Program in 2017. They recently reconvened on Alex’s podcast to reflect on their experience at the Ivey Leadership Program and how they implemented what they learned in the program over the past six months. Listen below: 

Highlights include:

  • A discussion on purpose from both an individual contributor’s perspective and an organizational perspective;
  • An experiential exercise that allowed them to practice working through difficult conversations;
  • The assessment tools that helped them to deeply understand themselves, and how that enhanced understanding changed the way they behave as leaders; and,
  • How the program experience was a catalyst for changes in leadership at Arcane.

For more information on the Ivey Leadership Program: download the program brochure, reserve a seat, or contact us directly


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