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Ivey Frontline Leadership Program

Realize your potential and prepare for the next stage of your career.

Make your decisions count! If you want to advance as a leader, you must understand how strategy, leadership, and communication work together to create a competitive advantage for you and your organization.

Learn how to make your actions and decisions contribute to the whole organization. Through case studies, experiential learning, in-depth conversations, and guided practice of essential management communication skills, Ivey Frontline Leadership Program will prepare you to make an immediate impact. Discover your potential and gain the confidence, knowledge, and insights to move on to the next stage of your career.

Upcoming Sessions

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Sending multiple employees? This program is offered in a customized format for groups of 15+. Contact us for details.

Who Should Attend? 

Managers seeking an integrated understanding of strategic management and leadership.

What You Learn

Manage yourself and your teams more effectively

  • Know your leadership style and how it affects others
  • Learn to adapt your leadership style in response to stressful situations
  • Balance the need for change with current organizational practices
  • Explore potential downsides to team functioning and how established practices can help to overcome them
  • Examine performance management and conflict resolution
  • Consider different approaches to interpersonal conflict resolution and how they impact productivity

Learn how to speak persuasively in front of audiences large and small

  • Master the power of body language
  • Create presence in front of an audience
  • Use your voice powerfully to enhance your message
  • Discover the linguistic techniques great speakers use to influence audiences
  • Turn nervousness into a public speaking advantage
  • Be aware of your individual strengths as a speaker

Understand how successful organizations develop and execute winning strategies

  • Learn how to create and implement winning strategies
  • Consider multiple ways to measure and assess strategic performance
  • Analyze complex strategic problems and situations with confidence
  • Discover how competitive advantage is gained and sustained in the marketplace
  • Recognize how to balance growth with other strategic considerations
  • Determine when external forces such as technology, demographics, regulation, and globalization require a fundamental change in strategy
  • Expand your thinking from a functional or technical orientation to a broader, more strategic perspective

Integrative Team-Learning Experience

Apply what you have learned throughout the program. Demonstrate the communication, leadership, and strategy components as your team works through a real-world problem. Through the integrative team-learning experience, you will be offered constructive feedback on both your team's presentation skills and quality of the analysis.

How You Learn

This is Not about Textbooks and Lectures

If you are having a hard time imagining yourself in a classroom again, keep in mind that Ivey Frontline Leadership Program is designed with busy leaders in mind. It is an engaging, interactive experience that draws on the vast perspectives that you and your classmates will bring to the program. Our real-world Case-Method of Learning is not about textbooks and lectures – it’s about learning by doing. Powerful Coaching is immersive, intense and interactive. It is a uniquely engaging and energizing combination of custom role plays based on real business challenges, recorded workshops, professional feedback, personal reflection and extensive practical hands-on experience in coaching. You’ll come away with new knowledge and ideas that are directly applicable to your business and that will have immediate impact.

Create Immediate Impact

Throughout the program, you will identify specific initiatives to implement and learn exactly how to apply your new knowledge and skills. Leave with a master plan for making an immediate impact when you are back in the office.

Participant Testimonials

“This program provided me with hands-on communications, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. I was very impressed with the program and its ability to immediately boost my confidence to make a positive impact in my role at our company.”

—Ellen Gossett, Chief Procurement Officer, Sitel Operating Corporation


“I encourage you to take the time and step away from your office and take a program like this. I believe it is vital for managers to learn to work on the business instead of just in the business.”

—Terra Davidson, Sales and Marketing Manager, Partner, Avalon Master Builder


“I do not have a business background and am in a leadership role. In one week I gained a significant confidence that I can lead not only intuitively but now with more systematic tools to better understand my organization’s challenges, strengths, context, etc.”

—Nathalie Le Blanc, Manager, Executive Counselling Services, Public Service Commission of Canada


R.L. (Lyn) Purdy

Faculty Director
R.L. (Lyn) Purdy

Lyn Purdy is an associate professor of Organizational Behaviour at Ivey Business School. Prior to joining Ivey, she was an associate professor at the Centre for Administrative and Information Studies at Western University. She earned at BASc in Chemical Engineering, and an MASc and PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo.

Purdy's research interests include organizational impacts of new technologies and techniques, performance evaluation of supplier organizations, quality management programs and participation of employees, and decision making and the impact of negative information. She has authored or co-authored several articles which have appeared in such publications as the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, the Journal of Management Systems, the Sloan Management Review, Journal of Operations Management and Behaviour and Information Technology.

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Cara C. Maurer

Cara C. Maurer

Assistant Professor
Michael Sider

Michael Sider

Assistant Professor

Where You Learn

Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre

London, Ontario, Canada

Housed in a Georgian manor situated on 30 beautifully landscaped acres of parkland, Ivey’s residential executive centre is minutes from Western University and the Ivey Business School.