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Ann Peng

Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour

Troost Professor in Leadership

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Ann C. Peng joined the faculty of Richard Ivey School of Business as an Assistant Professor in 2013. She received her Ph.D. in Management at Michigan State University and a master degree from Lingnan University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include leadership, justice, work stress, and emotions. Her dissertation examines the vicarious experience of leader abuse in organizations. Her research has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Human Relations, Journal of Vocational Behavior, etc. She serves on the editorial board of Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Organizational Behavior.


  • Leading People & Organizations (HBA core)
  • Special Topics in Statistics (PhD seminar)

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Peng, A. C.; M. Schaubroeck, J.; Chong, S.; Li, Y., (Forthcoming), "Discrete emotions linking abusive supervision to employee intention and behavior", Personnel Psychology.
  • Schaubroeck, J. M.; Lam, L. W.; Lai, J. Y. M.; Lennard, A. C.; Peng, A. C.; Chan, K. W., 2018, "Changing Experiences of Work Dirtiness, Occupational Disidentification, and Employee Withdrawal", Journal of Applied Psychology, October 103(10): 1086 - 1100.
  • Peng, A. C.; Zeng, W., 2017, "Workplace Ostracism and Deviant and Helping Behaviors: The Moderating Role of 360 Degree Feedback", Journal of Organizational Behavior, July 38(6): 833 - 855.
  • Schaubroeck, J. M.; Lam, S. K.; Peng, A. C., 2016, "Can peers’ ethical and transformational leadership improve coworkers’ service quality? A latent growth analysis", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, March 133: 45 - 58.
  • Peng, A. C.; Lin, H. E.; Schaubroeck, J. M.; McDonough, E. F. I. I. I.; Hu, B.; Zhang, A., 2016, "CEO Intellectual Stimulation and Employee Work Meaningfulness: The Moderating Role of Organizational Context", Group & Organization Management, February 41(2): 203 - 231.
  • Schaubroeck, J. M.; Peng, A. C.; Hannah, S. T., 2016, "The Role of Peer Respect in Linking Abusive Supervision to Follower Outcomes: Dual Moderation of Group Potency", Journal of Applied Psychology, February 101(2): 267 - 278.
  • Hannah, S. T.; Schaubroeck, J. M.; Peng, A. C., 2016, "Transforming followers’ value internalization and role Self-Efficacy: Dual processes promoting performance and peer norm-enforcement", Journal of Applied Psychology, February 101(2): 252 - 266.
  • Thundiyil, T.; Chiaburu, D. S.; Banks, G. C.; Oh, I. S.; Peng, A. C., 2015, "Cynical about Change? A Preliminary Meta-Analysis and Future Research", Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, December 51(4): 429 - 450.
  • Peng, A. C.; Van Dyne, L.; Oh, K., 2015, "The Influence of Motivational Cultural Intelligence on Cultural Effectiveness Based on Study Abroad: The Moderating Role of Participants’ Cultural Identity", Journal of Management Education, October 39(5): 572 - 596.
  • Peng, A. C.; Schaubroeck, J. M.; Xie, J. L., 2015, "When Confidence Comes and Goes: How Variation in Self-Efficacy Moderates Stressor-Strain Relationships", Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, July 20(3): 359 - 376.
  • Chiaburu, D. S.; Peng, A. C.; Van Dyne, L., 2015, "Does it matter how I say it? The effects of constructive and complaining forms of idea presentation on supervisory evaluations", Journal of Personnel Psychology, July 14(1): 104 - 108.
  • Marinova, S. V.; Peng, A. C.; Lorinkova, N.; Van Dyne, L.; Chiaburu, D. S., 2015, "Change-oriented behavior: A meta-analysis of individual and job design predictors", Journal of Vocational Behavior, June 88(1): 104 - 120.
  • Peng, A. C.; Dunn, J. R.; Conlon, D. E., 2015, "When vigilance prevails: : The effect of regulatory focus and accountability on integrative negotiation outcomes", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, January 126: 77 - 87.
  • Hannah, S. T.; Jennings, P.; Bluhm, D.; Peng, A. C.; Schaubroeck, J. M., 2014, "Duty orientation: Theoretical development and preliminary construct testing", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, December 123(2): 220 - 238.
  • Peng, A. C.; Schaubroeck, J. M.; Li, Y., 2014, "Social Exchange Implications of Own and Coworkers' Experience of Supervisory Abuse", Academy of Management Journal, October 57(5): 1385 - 1405.

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  • 2004 - 2005: Book Editor, Happy Culture Company, Guangzhou, China
  • 2007 - 2008: Residence Hall Assistant, Lingnan University of Hong Kong