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Bissan Ghaddar

Assistant Professor, Management Science

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  • Operations Research
  • Optimization
  • Non-linear Optimization
  • Smart Cities
  • Energy Networks
  • Transportation Networks
  • Water Networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics

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Research Publications

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Bissan Ghaddar is an Assistant Professor of Management Science at the Ivey Business School working on problems at the intersection of smart cities, IoT, and optimization models. Prior to joining Ivey Business School, she was as an Assistant Professor in Data Analytics at the Department of Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo. She has also worked on energy, water, and transportation network optimization at IBM Research and on inventory management problems at the Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Department of National Defence Canada. She was invited for extended research visits at the Universität zu Köln in Germany and the University of Avignon in France. Dr. Ghaddar received a Ph.D. degree in operations research from the University of Waterloo, Canada. Her work has been published in prestigious journals such as Mathematical Programming, SIAM Journal on Optimization, Transportation Research, among others. Her research has been supported by national and international scholarships including NSERC, Cisco, H2020, and FP7 IIF European Union Grant.


  • Decision Making with Analytics

Programs Taught

  • HBA
  • PhD


  • MASc Management Sciences, University of Waterloo
  • Ph.D. Management Sciences, University of Waterloo

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Kuang, X.; Ghaddar, B.; Naoum-Sawaya, J.; Zuluaga, K., (Forthcoming), "Alternative Linear and Second-order Cone Approximation Approaches for Polynomial Optimization", EURO Journal on Computational Optimization.
  • Gambella,, C.; Naoum-Sawaya, J.; Ghaddar, B., 2018, "The Vehicle Routing Problem with Floating Targets: Formulation and Solution Approaches", INFORMS Journal on Computing, August 30(3): 554 - 569.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Naoum-Sawaya, J., 2018, "High Dimensional Data Classification and Feature Selection using Support Vector Machines", European Journal of Operational Research, March 265(3): 993 - 1004.
  • Naoum-Sawaya, J.; Ghaddar, B., 2017, "Cutting plane approach for the maximum flow interdiction problem", Journal of the Operational Research Society, December 68(12): 1553 - 1569.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Claeys, M.; Mevissen, M.; Eck, B., 2017, "Polynomial optimization for water networks: Global solutions for the valve setting problem", European Journal of Operational Research, September 261(2): 450 - 459.
  • Kuang, X.; Ghaddar, B.; Naoum-Sawaya, J.; Zuluaga, L., 2017, "Alternative LP and SOCP hierarchies for ACOPF problems", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, July 32(4): 2828 - 2836.
  • Berlingerio, M.; Ghaddar, B.; Guidotti, R.; Pascale, A.; Sassi, A., 2017, "The GRAAL of carpooling: GReen and sociAL optimization from crowd-sourced data", Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, July 80: 20 - 36.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Sakr, N.; Asiedu, Y., 2016, "Spare Parts Stocking Analysis using Genetic Programming", European Journal of Operational Research, July 252(1): 136 - 144.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Vera, J. C.; Anjos, M. F., 2016, "A Dynamic Inequality Generation Scheme for Polynomial Programming", Mathematical Programming, March 156(1): 21 - 57.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Marecek, J.; Mevissen, M., 2016, "Optimal Power Flow as a Polynomial Optimization Problem", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, January 31(1): 539 - 546.
  • Naoum-Sawaya, J.; Ghaddar, B.; Arandia, E.; Eck, B., 2015, "Simulation-Optimization Approaches for Water Pump Scheduling and Pipe Replacement Problems", European Journal of Operational Research, October 246(1): 293 - 306.
  • Naoum-Sawaya, J.; Cogill, R.; Ghaddar, B.; Sajja, S.; Shorten, R.; Taheri, N.; Tommasi, P.; Verago, R.; Wirth, F., 2015, "Stochastic optimization approach for the car placement problem in ridesharing systems", Transportation Research - Part B Methodological, October 80: 173 - 184.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Naoum-Sawaya, J.; Kishimoto, A., 2015, "A Lagrangian Decomposition Approach for the Pump Scheduling Problem in Water Networks", European Journal of Operational Research, March 241(2): 490 - 501.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Naoum-Sawaya, J., 2012, "Environmentally Friendly Facility Location with Market Competition", Journal of the Operational Research Society, July 63: 899 - 908.
  • Ghaddar, B.; Anjos, M. F.; Liers, F., 2011, "A Semidefinite Programming Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Minimum k-Partition Problem", Annals of Operations Research, August 188(1).

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  • Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
  • Research Scientist, IBM Research