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Brandon Schaufele

Assistant Professor, Business, Economics and Public Policy

Energy Consortium Fellow

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  • Agricultural Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Corporate Political Activity
  • Competition Policy

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Research Publications

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Brandon Schaufele is an Assistant Professor in Business, Economics and Public Policy at the Ivey Business School. Prior to coming to Ivey in 2014, Brandon was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa as well as the Research Director of Sustainable Prosperity. Brandon's research focuses on the links between firms, governments and civil society. Topical emphasis is on corporate political activity, agricultural economics, environmental economics and competition policy. Recent research has concentrated on how consumers and firms respond to major Canadian greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives and the role of executives in election campaigns. Among other places, he has published papers in the American Economics Journal: Applied Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management and the Canadian Journal of Economics.


  • Global Macroeconomics for Managers (HBA II)
  • Microeconomics for Managers (HBA II)
  • Special Topics in Statistics (PhD)


  • PhD, MA, HnrsBSSc

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Rivers, N, Schaufele, B, 2017, "Gasoline Price and New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Evidence from Canada", Energy Economics 68: 454 - 465.
  • Rivers, N, Schaufele, B, 2017, "New Vehicle Feebates", Canadian Journal of Economics 50(1): 201 - 232.
  • Schaufele, B, 2016, "Taxes, Volatility and Resources in Canadian Provinces", Canadian Public Policy 42(4): 469 - 481.
  • Fremeth, A, Richter, BK, Schaufele, B, 2016, "Motivations for Corporate Political Activity", Advances in Strategic Management 34: 161 - 191.
  • Schaufele, B, Rivers, N, 2015, "Salience of Carbon Taxes in the Gasoline Market", Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 74(1): 23 - 36.
  • Rivers, N, Schaufele, B, 2015, "The Effect of Carbon Taxes on Agricultural Trade", Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 63(2): 235 - 257.
  • Fremeth, A, Richter, BK, Schaufele, B, 2013, "Campaign Contributions over CEOs' Careers", American Economic Journal-Applied Economics 5(3): 170 - 188.
  • Schaufele, B, Sparling, D, 2011, "Regulation and the Financial Performance of Canadian Agribusinesses", Agricultural Finance Review 71(2): 201 - 217.
  • Schaufele, B, Unterschultz, JR, Nilsson, T, 2010, "AgriStability with Catastrophic Price Risk for Cow-Calf Producers", Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(3): 361 - 380.
  • Schaufele, B, McMillan, ML, Boxall, PC, Adamowicz, WL, Solano Rivera, C, 2010, "Measuring Social Preferences in Groups versus as Individuals: Inequality Aversion using the Leaky-bucket Method.", Journal of Applied Economics and Policy 29(1): 1 - 14.
  • Schaufele, B, Komirenko, Z, Unterschultz, JR, 2009, "Cow-calf Producers Should Blame Exchange Rates Not Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy for Lost Wealth", Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 72(17-18): 1086 - 1091.

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Works in Progress

  • Fremeth, A., B. Richter and B. Schaufele. 2014. Dueling Motivations for Corporate Political Activity: Strategy, Agency, or Both.
  • Scheufele, B. 2014. Dissent in Parliament as Reputation Building.
  • Rivers, N. and B. Schaufele. 2013. Salience of Carbon Taxes in the Gasoline Market


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, 2011-2014
  • Research Director, Sustainable Prosperity, 2011-2014
  • Senior Analyst, Litigation Support, MNP LLP, 2005-2006