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Christian Dippel

Associate Professor, Business, Economics and Public Policy

Christian Dippel

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  • Political Economy & Political Risk
  • Global Macro (Trade and Capital Markets)
  • Web3/Crypto
  • Economic History
  • Indigenous Economic Development
  • Public-Sector Pensions

Research Publications

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Christian Dippel is an Associate Professor of Economics at Western University’s Ivey Business School in Canada. Previously, he spent ten years at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Dippel’s research lies at the intersection of political economy and economic history, where he has studied diverse topics such as the awakening of anti-slavery sentiment in the lead-up to the Civil War, the establishment of the reservations system in the U.S., the end of slavery in the British Empire, and the evolution of decentralized educational institutions in the American Midwest. Among more contemporary topics, he has studied voting behavior, populism, private prisons, judicial elections and the political economy roots of under-funded public-sector pensions.  Dippel also has deep expertise in the economic development of Native American reservations in the U.S. and First Nations reserves in Canada.

He is a founding co-editor of the Journal of Historical Political Economy, and a research affiliate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, the California Centre for Population Research, and the Latin American Institute. His research has been funded by the NSF and by Canada’s SSHRC, and has been published in Econometrica and the American Economic Review, among other outlets.


  • PhD, University of Toronto
  • MA, University of Toronto
  • Diplom, Mannheim University, Germany

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Dippel, C., (Forthcoming), "Political Parties Do Matter in U.S. Cities ... For Their Unfunded Pensions", American Economic Journal-Economic Policy
  • Dippel, C.; Gold, R.; Heblich, S.; Pinto, R., 2021, "The Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters", The Economic Journal, May 132(641): 199 - 217.
  • Dippel, C.; Feir, D.; Leonard, B.; Roark, M., 2021, "Secured Transactions Laws and Economic Development on American Indian Reservations", AEA Papers and Proceedings, May 111: 248 - 252.
  • Dippel, C.; Poyker, M., 2021, "Rules versus norms: How formal and informal institutions shape judicial sentencing cycles", Journal of Comparative Economics, March 49(3): 645 - 659.
  • Dippel, C.; Heblich, S., 2021, "Leadership in Social Movements: Evidence from the “Forty-Eighters” in the Civil War", American Economic Review, February 111(2): 472 - 505.
  • Dippel, C.; Leonard, B., 2021, "Not-so-Natural Experiments in History", Journal of Historical Political Economy, January 1(1): 1 - 30.
  • Carvalho, J-P.; Dippel, C., 2020, "Elite Identity and Political Accountability: A Tale of Ten Islands", The Economic Journal, October 130(631): 1995 - 2029.
  • Dippel, C.; Ferrara, A.; Heblich, S., 2020, "Causal mediation analysis in instrumental-variables regressions", The Stata Journal, September 20(3): 613 - 626.
  • Dippel, C.; Greif, A.; Trefler, D., 2020, "Outside Options, Coercion, and Wages: Removing the Sugar Coating", The Economic Journal, August 130(630): 1678 - 1714.
  • Dippel, C., 2015, "Foreign aid and voting in international organizations: Evidence from the IWC", JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS, December 132: 1 - 12.
  • Dippel, C., 2014, "Forced Coexistence and Economic Development: Evidence From Native American Reservations", ECONOMETRICA, November 82(6): 2131 - 2165.
  • Dippel, C., 2013, "Essays in International Political Economy", JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC HISTORY, June 73(2): 537 - 540.
  • Dippel, C., 2012, "Groseclose and Snyder in finite legislatures", JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL POLITICS, April 24(2): 265 - 273.

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Honours & Awards

  • 2021 Lone Mountain Fellow, Property and Environment Research Center (PERC)
  • 2020-22 National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant #2017946
  • 2019-21 Campbell Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford
  • 2017-18 Marvin Hoffenberg Fellow, Center for American Politics and Public Policy
  • 2015-17 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Grant, Canada
  • 2013-14 Hellman Fellow, UC systemwide
  • 2012 Gerschenkron Prize, Economic History Association
  • 2011 Tom Easterbrook Fellow, University of Toronto
  • 2011 Hartle Dissertation Award, Rotman Institute for International Business
  • 2011 Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Ontario Government
  • 2010 Associates Award, University of Toronto
  • 2010 Albert Berry Prize, Canadian Development Economics Group
  • 2009 Mary Jane Hendrie Memorial Scholarship, University of Toronto