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Colette Southam

Adjunct Professor, Finance

Contact Information

Colette Southam is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Ivey Business School and Associate Professor of Finance, Director of the Master of Finance Program, and Director of the Centre for Experiential Learning at Bond University (Australia) where she teaches International Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions using the case method. Colette leads the Australian Business Case Network. Previousy, Colette was on faculty at Ivey where she taught Corporate Finance and International Finance in the HBA, EMBA and Ph.D. programs and was a faculty mentor with the Ivey Field Project. Prior to undertaking graduate studies in business, she was a molecular geneticist at the Ontario Veterinary College where she worked with a team from academia, the biotechnology industry, and Health Canada to develop gene probes to detect pathogens in meat.

Colette's research focuses on international and corporate finance with specific interests in market segmentation and its mitigation by cross-listing, executive compensation, and capital raising. Additionally, she has co-authored two articles about real options and is working with an interdisciplinary team to create a real-options valuation model for carbon sequestration and to quantify the potential economic impact of mineral carbonation. Colette enjoys working on industry-supported research projects which provide her with the opportunity to combine her science background with finance and economic fundamentals.


  • Ph.D., Ivey
  • M.B.A., Northern Arizona
  • B.Sc. (Hons), Guelph

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Mark, T.; Southam, C.; Bulla, J.; Meza, S., 2016, "Cross-category indulgence: Why do some premium brands grow during recession?", Journal of Brand Management, January 23(5): 114 - 129.
  • Power, I. M.; McCutcheon, J.; Harrison, A. L.; Wilson, S. A.; Dipple, G. M.; Kelly, S.; Southam, C.; Southam, G., 2014, "Strategizing carbon-neutral mines: A case for pilot projects", Minerals, May 4(2): 399 - 436.
  • Chung, C. C.; Lee, S. H.; Beamish, P. W.; Southam, C.; Nam, D., 2013, "Pitting real options theory against risk diversification theory: International diversification and joint ownership control in economic crisis", Journal of World Business, January 48(1): 122 - 136.
  • Boeh, K.; Southam, C., 2011, "Impact of initial public offering coalition on deal completion", Venture Capital, October 13(4): 313 - 336.
  • Southam, C.; Sapp, S., 2010, "Compensation Across Executive Labor Markets: What Can We Learn from Cross-Listed Firms?", Journal of International Business Studies, February 41(1): 70 - 87.
  • Gyles, C. L.; De Grandis, S. A.; Southam, C.; Brunton, J. L., 1988, "Cloning and Nucleotide Sequencing of the Genes Determining Verocytotoxin Production in Porcien Edema Disease Isolates of E. coli", Microbial Pathogenesis, December 5(6): 419 - 426.

For more publications please see our Research Database

Honours & Awards

  • Bond Business Dean’s Honourable Mention for Outstanding Teaching Performance, January 2016
  • Top 20 Best Selling Case Award (Alex Sharpe’s Portfolio), Ivey Publishing, 2015
  • Bond Business Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, January 2014
  • Bond Business Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, September 2013
  • Bond Business Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, May 2013