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Daniel Clark

Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship

Daniel Clark

Contact Information


  • Entrepreneurial Cognition
  • Decision-Making
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity Identification & Evaluation

Research Publications

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Daniel Clark is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Ivey Business School. He is a finalist and/or winner of numerous awards for his teaching, research, and reviewing. His research has been published in outlets such as the Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of Small Business Management. In 2020, he was appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of Small Business Management.

His current research explores the cognition and decision-making of entrepreneurs; in particular, how entrepreneurs make complex decisions about starting, growing, and internationalizing their ventures.

Born and raised in Ontario, he is a prolific traveler who has lived in three additional countries, visited more than forty more, and is now back living in Canada for the first time since 2012. Father, husband, dog-owner, and nursing a significant addiction to the Food Network; his family is happy he stopped after 4 degrees.

Programs Taught

  • HBA
  • MBA
  • MSc


  • PhD. Indiana University
  • MB Indiana University
  • MBA Queen’s University
  • BSc Dalhousie University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Clark, D. C., 2023, "Embracing whistleblowing for enhanced firm self-regulation", Business Horizons
  • Clark, D. C.; Pidduck, R. J., 2023, "International new ventures: Beyond definitional debates to advancing the cornerstone of international entrepreneurship", Journal of Small Business Management: 1 - 23.
  • Clark, D. C.; Pidduck, R.; Tietz, M. A., (Forthcoming), "The Malleability of International Entrepreneurial Cognitions: A Natural Quasi-Experimental Study on Voluntary and Involuntary Shocks", International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research
  • Clark, D. C.; Tietz, M. A.; Kumar, M., 2022, "Getting to the one: Prioritizing an idea set using preference-based decision-specific heuristics", Journal of Small Business Management: 1 - 41.
  • Pidduck, R.; Schaffer, M. A.; Clark, D. C., (Forthcoming), "The Microfoundations of Born Globals: A Social Cognitive Careers Perspective", Journal Of Small Business Management
  • Pidduck, R. J.; Clark, D. C.; Lumpkin, G. T., (Forthcoming), "Entrepreneurial mindset: Dispositional beliefs, opportunity beliefs, and entrepreneurial behavior", Journal Of Small Business Management: 1 - 35.
  • Pidduck, R. J.; Shaffer, M. A.; Zhang, Y.; Clark, D. C., (Forthcoming), "Unpacking the emergence of born global founders: A careers perspective", Journal Of Small Business Management: 1 - 41.
  • Pidduck, R. J.; Clark, D. C., 2021, "Transitional entrepreneurship: Elevating research into marginalized entrepreneurs", Journal of Small Business Management, November 59(6): 1081 - 1096.
  • Clark, D. C.; Li, D.; Shepherd, D. A., 2018, "Country familiarity in the initial stage of foreign market selection", Journal Of International Business Studies, May 49(4): 442 - 472.
  • Clark, D. C.; McGrath, P. J.; MacDonald, N., 2007, "Members' of Parliament knowledge of and attitudes toward health research and funding", Canadian Medical Association Journal, October 177(9): 1045 - 1051.

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Honours & Awards

  • IE Business School, Top Instructor, 2020 & 2021
  • AOM Best Reviewer, Entrepreneurship (2014 & 2017)
  • AOM Best Reviewer, International Management (2017, 2018 & 2019)
  • AIB Best Reviewer (2013, 2014 & 2019)
  • AOM Entrepreneurship Division Best Paper from a Doctoral Dissertation (2015)
  • AIB Best Dissertation, Finalist
  • AOM Best Dissertation, Finalist
  • Kelley School of Business, Top PhD Instructor, 2017
  • Kelley School of Business, Panschar Teaching Award, Finalist, 2016


  • IE Business School, Madrid, Spain (2018-2021)
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA (2012-2017)

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