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Derrick J. Neufeld

Associate Professor, Information Systems & Entrepreneurship

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  • Information Systems
  • Computer Mediated Communication
  • Telecommuting
  • Virtual Organizations
  • Remote Leadership

Research Publications

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Derrick Neufeld is an Associate Professor of Information Systems & Entrepreneurship at the Ivey Business School. He holds a degree in Marketing, the CPA/CMA accounting designation, and a PhD in IS from Ivey. Prior to joining the Ivey faculty in 1999 Neufeld worked as a systems analyst, management consultant, and founded a data analytics firm that has served Canadian and international clients including Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, Rabobank, 3M, Mattel, Spar Aerospace, and the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Professor Neufeld's research interests focus on individual outcomes of computer mediation, dealing with phenomena such as virtual teams, remote leadership, open source projects, and e-commerce trust formation. His work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management Information Systems, Computers in Human Behavior, Leadership Quarterly, and other leading technology and management outlets. In 2010 he received the Information Systems Senior Scholar’s Best IS Publication Award, and in 2016 the Emerald Literati Award.

Professor Neufeld teaches in all of Ivey’s programs, has published more than 50 teaching cases dealing with technology innovation, and has been honoured with numerous teaching and case writing awards. In his free time he enjoys tinkering with technology, playing squash, roasting coffee, and refining his skills as a chocolatier.


  • Information Systems
  • Data Management
  • Technology Innovation


  • BComm, Hons - Manitoba
  • CPA, CMA
  • PhD, Ivey

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Neufeld, D. J.; Roghanizad, M., 2018, "Research: How Customers Decide Whether to Buy from Your Website", Harvard Business Review.
  • Brotheridge, C.; Neufeld, D. J.; Dyck, B., 2015, "Communicating Virtually in a Global Organization", Journal of Managerial Psychology, November 30(7): 909 - 924.
  • Roghanizad, M.; Neufeld, D. J., 2015, "Intuition, risk, and the formation of online trust", Computers in Human Behavior, September 50: 489 - 498.
  • Neufeld, D. J.; Fang, Y.; Wan, Z., 2013, "Community of practice behaviors and individual learning outcomes", Group Decision and Negotiation, July 22(4): 617 - 639.
  • Neufeld, D. J.; Wan, Z.; Fang, Y., 2010, "Remote Leadership, Communication Effectiveness and Leader Performance", Group Decision and Negotiation, March 19(2): 227 - 246.
  • Fang, Y.; Neufeld, D. J., 2009, "Understanding Sustained Participation in Open Source Software Projects", Journal of Management Information Systems, June 25(4): 9 - 50.
  • Dong, L.; Neufeld, D. J.; Higgins, C. A., 2009, "Top Management Support of Enterprise Systems Implementations", Journal of Information Technology, March 24(1): 55 - 80.
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  • Wan, Z.; Fang, Y.; Neufeld, D. J., 2007, "The Role of Information Technology in Technology-Mediated Learning: A Review of the Past for the Future", Journal of Information Systems Education, December 18(2): 183 - 192.
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  • Neufeld, D. J.; Fang, Y., 2005, "Individual, Social and Situational Determinants of Telecommuter Productivity", Information and Management, September 42(7): 1037 - 1049.
  • Howell, J. M.; Neufeld, D. J.; Avolio, B. J., 2005, "Examining the Relationship of Leadership and Physical Distance with Business Unit Performance", Leadership Quarterly, April 16(2): 273 - 285.
  • Parent, M.; Neufeld, D. J.; Gallupe, R. B., 2002, "An Exploratory Longitudinal Analysis of GSS Use in the Case Method Classroom", Journal of Computer Information Systems, January 43(1): 70 - 80.

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  • Associate Professor, Ivey Business School
  • Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School
  • Assistant Professor, The University of Manitoba
  • Visiting Professor, The University of Victoria (International EMBA-Bangkok)
  • President, InfoGen Research