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Dina Ribbink

Adjunct Professor, Operations Management

Contact Information

Dina Ribbink is an Adjunct Professor of Operations Management at the Ivey Business School. She received her Ph.D. from the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland in 2010. Dina earned her MS in Business Administration from Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

Dina's focus in research is on contractual buyer-supplier relationships as well as supply chains of emergency relief aid organizations. Her dissertation focused on the impact of cultural differences on buyer-supplier relationships. Dina has taught a wide variety of courses including International Production Management, Applied Computers in Supply Chain Management, and Global Supply Chain Management.


  • PhD, University of Maryland
  • Drs/MS, Maastricht University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Yan, T.; Ribbink, D.; Pun, H., 2018, "Incentivizing Supplier Participation in Buyer Innovation: Experimental Evidence of Non-Optimal Contractual Behaviors", Journal of Operations Management, January 57(1): 36 - 53.
  • Ozpolat, K.; Ribbink, D.; Hales, D. N.; Windle, R., 2015, "Food Aid Procurement and Transportation Decision-Making in Governmental Agencies: The United NationsEU versus the United States Approach", Transportation Journal, March 54(2): 159 - 185.
  • Ribbink, D.; Grimm, C. M., 2014, "The impact of cultural differences on buyer-supplier negotiations: An experimental study", Journal of Operations Management, March 32(3): 114 - 126.
  • van Riel, A. C. R.; Semeijn, J.; Ribbink, D.; Bomert-Peters, Y., 2012, "Waiting for service at the checkout: Negative emotional responses, store image and overall satisfaction", Journal of Service Management, June 23(2): 144 - 169.
  • Ribbink, D.; Hofer, C.; Dresner, M., 2009, "Airline Financial Distress and Customer Service", Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, March 48(1): 89 - 104.
  • Ribbink, D.; van Riel, A. C. R.; Semeijn, J., 2005, "Policy Decisions and Modal Choice: An Example from the European Union", Transportation Journal, January 44(1): 33 - 44.
  • Ribbink, D.; van Riel, A. C. R.; Liljander, V.; Streukens, S., 2004, "Comfort Your Online Customer: Quality, Trust and Loyalty on the Internet", Managing Service Quality, December 14(6): 446 - 456.

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  • Research Assistant at the University of Liege, Belgium
  • Lecturer at Maastricht University, the Netherlands