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Elena Antonacopoulou

Professor, Organizational Behaviour & Strategy

Elena Antonacopoulou

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  • Leadership
  • Leader Development
  • Strategic Renewal and Organisational Learning
  • Personal and Organisational Resilience

Research Publications

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Before joining Ivey, Elena held full-time faculty professorial appointments at the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Warwick in the UK. Her scientifically rigorous collaborative research in management and organization studies has earned her many research grants, awards and accolades recognising the impact of the ideas developed.

Her principal research expertise lies in the areas of Strategic Change, Organisational Learning and Resilience, Knowledge and Crisis Management with a focus on the Leadership implications. Elena’s work is published widely in international journals including: Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal, Journal of Management Studies, British Journal of Management, Journal of Management Inquiry, Management Learning. She has co-edited 5 books including two new volumes (Sensuous Learning for Practical Judgment in Professional Practice) advancing innovative learning modes that enhance the impact of management practice.

She has been elected and served in multiple leadership roles in the top professional bodies in the management field (AOM, EGOS, EURAM, BAM, SAMS) and has received several awards for her outstanding leadership and service contributions and teaching excellence. She has successfully secured funding and led interdisciplinary, international multi-stakeholder research teams on high profile research programs funded by Research Funding Councils in the UK, EU and was invited to co-author policy and evaluation reports by professional bodies and Think Tanks designed to improve professional practices.

She is frequently invited to deliver keynote speeches in international conferences, and deliver workshops that inspire and promote action choices that serve the common good. She is a certified coach from the International Coaching Federation (and practises as an axiologist – enabling true-self breakthroughs by attending to the value attached to being worthy) She is a visiting professor at the University of Lincoln (UK) and the Royal Norwegian Airforce Academy (Norway). Elena is the founder and director of the GNOSIS Institute that fosters partnerships for impact through the Olympics of Managing and Organising.

Programs Taught

  • HBA
  • PhD


  • PhD
  • Ma
  • BA(Hons)
  • Certified ICF Coach
  • Certified CIM

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Antonacopoulou, E. A., (Forthcoming), "Partnering for Impact: A Grand Challenge and Design for Co-creating a Just, Resilient, and Flourishing Society", The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
  • Adisa, T.; Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Adekoya, O.; Beauregard, A.; Dickmann, M., (Forthcoming), "The ‘New Normal’ in Work Life Balance: The Impact of Covid-19 and ‘Working from Home’ on Employees’ Boundary and Border Management", British Journal of Management
  • Laasch, O.; Moosmayer, D.; Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2022, "A Competence Framework and Pedagogy for Responsible Management: Interweaving Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability", Journal of Business Ethics
  • Soh, W. G.; Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Grigg C, .; Bento, R., 2022, "Embedding a ‘Reflexive Mindset’: Lessons from Reconfiguring the Internal Auditing Function", Academy of Management Learning & Education
  • Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Georgiadou, A., 2021, "Leading through social distancing: The future of work, corporations and leadership from home", Gender Work And Organization, March 28(2): 749 - 767.
  • Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Moldjord, C.; Steiro, T. J.; Stokkeland, C., 2020, "The New Learning Organisation: PART II - Lessons from the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy", The Learning Organization Journal, April 27(2): 117 - 131.
  • Laasch, O.; Moosmayer, D.; Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Schaltegger, S., 2020, "Constellations of Transdisciplinary Practices: A Map and Research Agenda for the Responsible Management Learning Field", Journal of Business Ethics, April 162(4): 735 - 757.
  • Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Fuller, T., 2020, "Practising entrepreneuring as emplacement: the impact of sensation and anticipation in entrepreneurial action", ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, March 32(3-4): 257 - 280.
  • Macpherson, A.; Kiersch, C.; Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2020, "Can senior management sustain engagement and identification to support learning? Designing communities and defining goals", Journal of Strategy and Management, January 13(1): 144 - 159.
  • Håkonsen Coldevin, G.; Carlsen, A.; Clegg, S.; Pitsis, T. S.; Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2019, "Organizational creativity as idea work: Intertextual placing and legitimating imaginings in media development and oil exploration", Human Relations, August 72(8): 1369 - 1397.
  • Antonacopoulou, E. A.; Moldjord, C.; Steiro, T. J.; Stokkeland, C., 2019, "The New Learning Organisation: PART I – Institutional Reflexivity, High Agility Organising and Learning Leadership", The Learning Organization, June 26(3): 304 - 318.
  • Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2018, "Energising critique in action and in learning: The GNOSIS 4R Framework", Action Learning: Research and Practice, May 15(2): 102 - 125.
  • Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2018, "Organisational Learning for and with VUCA: Learning Leadership Revisited", Teoria e Prática em Administração (TPA), March 8(2): 10 - 32.
  • Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2016, "Rediscovering Paideia and the Meaning of a Scholarly Career", Journal of Management Education, December 40(6): 711 - 721.
  • Turner, N.; Swart, J.; Maylor, H.; Antonacopoulou, E. A., 2016, "Making it happen: How managerial actions enable project-based ambidexterity", MANAGEMENT LEARNING, April 47(2): 199 - 222.

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Honours & Awards

  • 2021 Academy of Management MED Division. USA, Best Paper Proceedings. Soh, W.G., Antonacopoulou, E.P., Bento, R. and Grigg, C. Embedding a ‘Reflexive Mindset’ to serve the common good: Lessons from Reconfiguring the Internal Auditing Function.
  • 2019 Human Relations Journal Best Paper of the Year (2019) Award Plaque. Coldevin, G., Carlsen, A, Clegg, S., Pitsis, T. and Antonacopoulou, E.P. (2019) Organizational creativity as idea work: Intertextual placing and legitimating imaginings in media development and oil exploration. Human Relations.
  • 2019 Academy of Management, Critical Management Studies Division. USA, Best Critical Ethics Paper Plaque. Antonacopoulou, E.P. Bento, R. and White, L. (2019) Why Didn’t the Watchdogs Bark? Internal Auditing and the Wells Fargo Scandal. AoM Best Paper Proceedings.
  • 2015 Academy of Management, Board of Governors. USA Recognition Award Plaque “Truly Outstanding Leadership and Service to the Academy as Member of the Organizing Committee of the Teaching and Learning Conference 2012-2015”
  • 2015 Academy of Management, MED Division. USA Best International Symposium Award Plaque Business Schools’ Rankings: Is it Time to Click the ‘Refresh’ Button?
  • 2015 Academy of Management, Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal. USA Nominated and Shortlisted for the Best Paper Award. Aguinis, H., Shapiro, D.L., Antonacopoulou, E.P., and Cummings, T.G. (2014) Scholarly Impact: A Pluralistic Conceptualisation. Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal. Exemplary Contribution. 13(4): 623-639.
  • 2015 UMLS Certificate of Teaching Excellence. Teaching Excellence Award – Plaque - Learning to Make a Difference.
  • 2014 UMLS Certificate of Teaching Excellence. Teaching Excellence Award – Plaque – Learning to Make a Difference.
  • 2011 Academy of Management, Board of Governors. USA President Elect Nominated and Shortlisted. Invited (one of three candidates) to develop a strategic plan and be listed on the ballot for election as a future leader of the Academy of Management Globally.
  • 2011 Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Paper Award Plaque. Antonacopoulou, E. P. and Pesqueux, Y. The Practice of Socialization and the Socialization of Practice. Society and Business Review Journal, 5(1): 10-21.
  • 2010 Academy of Management, USA, Recognition Award – Plaque. ‘Truly Outstanding Leadership and Service to the Academy as Chair of the Practice Theme Committee 2007-2010”
  • 2010 Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Douglas McGregor Memorial Award - Best Paper published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science in 2009. Geiger, D. and Antonacopoulou, E. “Narratives and organizational dynamics: Narratives as a source of blind spots and organizational inertia”, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. 45(3): 411-436.

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