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Greg Zaric

Professor, Management Science

Editor-in-Chief, Health Care Management Science
Faculty Director, MSc Program
Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
J. Allyn Taylor & Arthur H. Mingay Chair in Management Science

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  • Analytics
  • Health Care Management Science
  • Health Economics
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Risk Sharing

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Greg Zaric is the Academic Director of the MSc Program and a Professor in Management Science at the Ivey Business School. He is also cross-appointed in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. He previously held the Canada Research Chair in Health Care Management Science. Greg currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Health Care Management Science.

Greg’s research focuses on developing mathematical models to analyze problems in health economics, health policy, and healthcare operations. Greg has done consulting work with several organizations, such as the London Health Sciences Centre, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, and several pharmaceutical companies.



  • Decision Making with Analytics, HBA and MBA core
  • Competing with Analytics, MBA Elective
  • Pharmacoeconomics, MBA Health Sector
  • Management Science Special Fields, PhD Program


  • BSc, Actuarial Science, Western University
  • MASc, Management Science, University of Waterloo
  • MS, Industrial Engineering, Stanford University
  • PhD, Industrial Engineering, Stanford University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Ghamat, S.; Zaric, G. S.; Pun, H., (Forthcoming), "Care-coordination: Gain-sharing Agreements in Bundled Payment Models", Production and Operations Management.
  • Some, N.; Devlin, R. A.; Mehta, N.; Zaric, G. S.; Li, L.; Shariff, S.; Belhadji, B.; Thind, A.; Garg, A.; Sarma, S., et al., 2019, "Production of Physician Services under Fee-For-Service and Blended Fee-For-Service: Evidence from Ontario, Canada", Health Economics, December 28(12): 1418 - 1434.
  • Critchley, G.; Zaric, G. S., 2019, "The impact of pharmaceutical marketing on market access, treatment coverage, pricing, and social welfare", Health Economics, July 28(8): 1035 - 1051.
  • Ghamat, S.; Zaric, G. S.; Pun, H., 2018, "Contracts to promote use of optional diagnostic tests in cancer treatment", Production and Operations Management, December 27(12): 2184 - 2200.
  • Cipriano, L. E.; Zaric, G. S., 2018, "Cost-effectiveness of naloxone kits in secondary schools", Drug and Alcohol Dependence, November 192: 352 - 361.
  • Lebenbaum, M.; Zaric, G. S.; Thind, A.; Sarma, S., 2018, "Trends in obesity and multimorbidity in Canada", Preventive Medicine, November 116: 173 - 179.
  • Kim, C. K.; Hannouf, M. B.; Sarma, S.; Rodrigues, G. B.; Rogan, P. K.; Mahmud, S. M.; Winguist, E.; Brackstone, M.; Zaric, G. S., 2018, "Survival outcome differences based on treatments used and knowledge of the primary tumour site for patients with cancer of unknown and known primary in Ontario", Current Oncology, October 25(5): 307 - 316.
  • Hannouf, M. B.; Winquist, E.; Mahmud, S. M.; Brackstone, M.; Sarma, S.; Rodrigues, G. B.; Rogan, P. K.; Hoch, J. S.; Zaric, G. S., 2018, "The potential clinical and economic value of primary tumour identification in metastatic cancer of unknown primary tumour: a population-based retrospective matched", Pharmacoeconomics Open, September 2(3): 255 - 270.
  • Rastpour, A.; Begen, M. A.; Louie, A. V.; Zaric, G. S., 2018, "Variability of Waiting Times for the Four Most Prevalent Cancer Types in Ontario: A Retrospective Population-based Analysis", CMAJ Open, June 6(2): E227 - E234.
  • Rodrigues, F.; Zaric, G. S.; Stanford, D. A., 2018, "Discrete event simulation model for planning Level 2 “step-down“ bed needs using NEMS", Operations Research for Health Care, June 17: 42 - 54.
  • Mahjoub, R.; Odegaard, F.; Zaric, G. S., 2018, "Evaluation of a pharmaceutical risk-sharing agreement when patients are screened for the probability of success", Health Economics, January 27(1): e15 - e25.
  • Hannouf, M. B.; Winquist, E.; Mahmud, S. M.; Brackstone, M.; Sarma, S.; Rodrigues, G. B.; Rogan, P. K.; Hoch, J. S.; Zaric, G. S., 2018, "The Clinical Significance of Occult Gastrointestinal Primary Tumours in Metastatic Cancer: A Population Retrospective Cohort Study", Cancer Research and Treatment, January 50(1): 183 - 194.
  • Akhtar, A. O.; Martin, J.; Zaric, G. S.; Si, F. F.; Hutnik, C. M. L.; Hodge, W. G., 2017, "A Comparison of Clinical Trial and Model-Based Cost Estimates In Glaucoma -The Case of Repeat Laser Trabeculoplasty In Ontario", Journal of Hospital Administration, December 6(3): 46 - 57.
  • Capan, M.; Khojandi, A.; Denton, B.; Williams, K. D.; Ayer, T.; Chhatwal, J.; Kurt, M.; Lobo, J. M.; Roberts, M. J. D.; Zaric, G. S., et al., 2017, "From Data to Improved Decisions: Operations Research in Healthcare Delivery", Medical Decision Making, November 37(8): 849 - 859.
  • Jacobs, J.; Rouse, M. J.; Yaquian, E.; Burke, S.; Zaric, G. S., 2017, "The Economic Impact of Workplace Wellness Programs in Canada", Occupational Medicine, August 67(6): 429 - 434.

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Honours & Awards

  • Lawrence G. Tapp Excellence in Teaching Award, 2008, 2010
  • ISPOR Research Excellence Award, 2008
  • David G. Burgoyne Award for Outstanding Commitment to Student Development, 2002
  • Pierskalla Award for Research Excellence in Health Care Management Science, INFORMS Health Applications Section, 2001


  • Associate Professor, Management Science, Ivey Statistician, VA Palo Alto Health Care System