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Isam Faik

Assistant Professor, Information Systems

Isam Faik

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Research Publications

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Isam Faik is an Assistant Professor in Information Systems at the Ivey Business School

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Leong, C.; Faik, I.; Tan, F. T. C.; Tan, B.; Khoo, Y. H., 2020, "Digital organizing of a global social movement: From connective to collective action", Information And Organization, December 30(4): 100324 - 100324.
  • Faik, I.; Barrett, M.; Oborn, E., 2020, "How Information Technology Matters in Societal Change: An Affordance-Based Institutional Perspective", MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems, September 44(3): 1359 - 1390.
  • Faik, I.; Thompson, M.; Walsham, G., 2019, "Designing for ICT-enabled openness in bureaucratic organizations: Problematizing, shifting, and augmenting boundary work", Journal of the Association for Information Systems, January 20(6): 681 - 701.
  • Faik, I.; Walsham, G., 2013, "Modernisation through ICTs: Towards a network ontology of technological change", Information Systems Journal, July 23(4): 351 - 370.

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