Associate Professor, General Management & Strategy

  • Co-director, Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab
  • F.W.P. Jones Faculty Fellow


Dr. Jean-Philippe Vergne ('JP') is an associate professor with a focus on organization theory and strategy. JP's research examines how socially contested and/or illegal organizations affect the birth, death and renewal of industries operating at the vanguard of capitalist economies.

JP coordinates a research program on bitcoin, blockchain technology and FinTech [more on this here].

JP has taught strategy and a course on industry disruption by ‘pirate’ organizations in undergraduate, graduate, executive MBA and executive education programs.

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  • HBA: Strategy
  • HBA2: The Dark Side of Capitalism: Pirates, Mavericks, and Industry Renewal
  • Executive Education: Industry Disruption in the Age of Rapid Technological Change


  • PhD, HEC Paris
  • MPhil in Economics, La Sorbonne University
  • MPhil in Organization Science, IAE Paris
  • MSc in Management, HEC Paris

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Vergne, J-P., Swain, G., 2017, "Categorical Anarchy in the U.K.? The British Media's Classification of Bitcoin and the Limits of Categorization", Research in the Sociology of Organizations 51: 185 - 222.
  • Wang, S., Vergne, J-P., 2017, "Buzz Factor or Innovation Potential: What Explains Cryptocurrencies’ Returns?", PLoS One, January 12(1).
  • Vergne, J-P., Depeyre, C., 2016, "How do firms adapt? A fuzzy-set analysis of the role of cognition and capabilities in U.S. defense firms' responses to 9/11", Academy of Management Journal, October 59(5): 1653 - 1680.
  • Durand, R., Vergne, J-P., 2015, "Asset divestment as a response to media attacks in stigmatized industries", Strategic Management Journal, August 36(8): 1205 - 1223.
  • Vergne, J-P., Wry, T., 2014, "Categorizing Categorization Research: Review, Integration, and Future Directions", Journal of Management Studies, January 51(1): 56 - 94.
  • Vergne, J-P., 2013, "Qwerty is dead, long live path dependence!", Research Policy, July/August 42(6-7): 1191 - 1194.
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  • Vergne, J-P., 2011, "Towards a New Measure of Organizational Legitimacy: Method, Validation, and Illustration", Organizational Research Methods, July 14(3): 484 - 502.
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