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Joshua Pearce

Professor, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

John M. Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation
Thompson Centre for Engineering Leadership & Innovation a cross-appointed Professor at the Ivey
Business School and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Joshua Pearce

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Joshua Pearce is the John M. Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation at the Thompson Centre for Engineering Leadership & Innovation. He holds appointments at Ivey Business School and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. His research spans areas of solar photovoltaic technology, open hardware, distributed recycling and additive manufacturing, policy and economics.

Joshua runs the Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology (FAST) research group. He has worked with, consulted for, and been funded by dozens of renewable energy and additive manufacturing companies as well as the US Government and the UN.

His research was the first to show that levelized cost of solar photovoltaic electricity was economically competitive in North America, the first to demonstrate that open hardware can save scientists 90-99% on research costs, and the first to show that household level distributed recycling and manufacturing were technically feasible, less environmentally harmful and profitable for consumers. His research is regularly covered by the international and national press and it is continually ranked in the top 0.1% on He is the editor-in-chief of HardwareX, the first journal dedicated to open source scientific hardware and the author of the Open-Source Lab:How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research CostsCreate, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects, and To Catch the Sun, an open source book on how to harness solar energy.

Joshua Pearce received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He then developed the first Sustainability program in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and helped develop the Collaborative Applied Sustainability graduate engineering program while at Queen's University, Canada. Then he was the first Richard Witte Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and a Professor cross-appointed in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Michigan Technological University where he inaugurated and was the faculty advisor for the Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise and ran the Open Sustainability Technology Research Group. He was a Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair and a visiting professor of Photovoltaics and Nanoengineering at Aalto University as well as a visiting Professor Équipe de Recherche sur les Processus Innovatifs (ERPI), Université de Lorraine, France.

Dr. Pearce is always looking for motivated research students and collaborators. See here.

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  • PhD The Pennsylvania State University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Hollman, M. R.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Investing to kill: return on investment of tobacco companies compared to high-mortality and neutral industries", Global Security: Health, Science and Policy, December 7(1): 7 - 12.
  • Jayapal, V.; Rangasamy, S.; Venkidusamy, S.; Venkatesan, R.; Mayandi, J.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "The use of urea as an N‐doping 3D hierarchical preserving agent for titanium dioxide nanostructures tailored for dye‐sensitized solar cells", International Journal of Energy Research, June 46(7): 9533 - 9548.
  • Enaganti, P. K.; Soman, S.; Devan, S. S.; Pradhan, S. C.; Srivastava, A. K.; Pearce, J. P.; Goel, S., 2022, "Dye‐sensitized solar cells as promising candidates for underwater photovoltaic applications", Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, June 30(6): 632 - 639.
  • Oberloier, S.; Gallup, N.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Overcoming supply disruptions during pandemics by utilizing found hardware for open source gentle ventilation", HardwareX, April 11: e00255 - e00255.
  • Botero-Valencia, J. S.; Mejia-Herrera, M.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Design and implementation of 3-D printed radiation shields for environmental sensors", HardwareX, April 11: e00267 - e00267.
  • Hayibo, K. S.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Foam-based floatovoltaics: A potential solution to disappearing terminal natural lakes", Renewable Energy, April 188: 859 - 872.
  • Denkenberger, D.; Sandberg, A.; Tieman, R. J.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Long term cost-effectiveness of resilient foods for global catastrophes compared to artificial general intelligence safety", International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, April 73: 102798 - 102798.
  • Botero-Valencia, J. S.; Mejia-Herrera, M.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Low cost climate station for smart agriculture applications with photovoltaic energy and wireless communication", HardwareX, April 11: e00296 - e00296.
  • Selvapriya, R.; Abhijith, T.; Ragavendran, V.; Sasirekha, V.; Reddy, V. S.; Pearce, J. P.; Mayandi, J., 2022, "Impact of coupled plasmonic effect with multishaped silver nanoparticles on efficiency of dye sensitized solar cells", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, February 894: 162339 - 162339.
  • Mohammed, M.; Wilson, D.; Gomez-Kervin, E.; Petsiuk, A.; Dick, R.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Sustainability and feasibility assessment of distributed E-waste recycling using additive manufacturing in a Bi-continental context", Additive Manufacturing, February 50: 102548 - 102548.
  • Chinchane, S.; Kadam, H.; Mowade, K.; Pearce, J. P., 2022, "Open Source 3D Printed ISO 8655 Compliant Multichannel Pipette", Journal of Open Hardware, January 6(1)
  • Throup, J.; García Martínez, J. B.; Bals, B.; Cates, J.; Pearce, J. P.; Denkenberger, D. C., 2022, "Rapid repurposing of pulp and paper mills, biorefineries, and breweries for lignocellulosic sugar production in global food catastrophes", Food and Bioproducts Processing, January 131: 22 - 39.
  • Denkenberger, D.; Sandberg, A.; Tieman, R. J.; Pearce, J. P., 2021, "Long-term cost-effectiveness of interventions for loss of electricity/industry compared to artificial general intelligence safety", European Journal of Futures Research, December 9(1)
  • Sasikala, R.; Kandasamy, M.; Suresh, S.; Ragavendran, V.; Sasirekha, V.; Pearce, J. P.; Murugesan, S.; Mayandi, J., 2021, "Enhanced dye-sensitized solar cell performance using strontium titanate perovskite integrated photoanodes modified with plasmonic silver nanoparticles", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, December 889: 161693 - 161693.
  • Pascaris, A. S.; Handler, R.; Schelly, C.; Pearce, J. P., 2021, "Life cycle assessment of pasture-based agrivoltaic systems: Emissions and energy use of integrated rabbit production", Cleaner and Responsible Consumption, December 3: 100030 - 100030.

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