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Martin Persson

Assistant Professor, Managerial Accounting and Control

J.J. Wettlaufer Faculty Fellow

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  • Accounting History
  • Accounting Theory
  • Accounting in Society

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Martin E. Persson is the J. J. Wettlaufer Faculty Fellow and an Assistant Professor of Managerial Accounting and Control at the Ivey Business School. He holds a BSc in Accounting, an MSc in Accounting, Organizations and Institutions from London School of Economics, and a PhD in Accounting from Royal Holloway University of London.

Martin has received several awards, including the Academy of Accounting Historians’ Barbara D. Merino Award for his edited book of A.C. Littleton’s final writings on accounting theory; Burns Research Award for outstanding biographical work in accounting history; Vangermeersch Manuscript Award for best new manuscript in accounting history; and Margit F. & Hanns Martin W. Schoenfeld Scholarship to collect data in Australia and conduct research at the Universities of Rice and Sydney.

Martin’s research interests are broadly within the field of critical accounting research and accounting history. He is particularly interested in people, ideas, and institutions from the 1900s and is currently focusing on the development of economic models and calculative practices as well as classical accounting theory and measurement issues. As part of this research focus, he spent part of 2017 as a Visiting Research Fellow at Harvard Business School.

Martin has published several articles in outlets such as the Accounting Historians Journal, Accounting History, and Meditari Accountancy Research. He is on the editorial board of Accounting History and he has served as an ad-hoc reviewer for journals such as Accounting History Review, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, and European Accounting Review. He has also published an edited book with Emerald, as part of their Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought Series, and he has another book forthcoming.

At Ivey Business School, Martin teaches the Financial Fundamentals course in the Honors Business Administration program and the Advanced Corporate Financial Reporting course in the Graduate Diploma program. For these activities, he was the 2015 recipient of the David G. Burgoyne Teaching Award for Outstanding Commitment to Student Development.


  • Financial Fundamentals
  • Advanced Corporate Financial Reporting
  • HBA Core


  • BSc, Jacksonville University
  • MSc, London School of Economics
  • PhD, University of London

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Persson, M. E.; Radcliffe, V. S.; Stein, M. J., (Forthcoming), "Elmer G. Beamer and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: The Pursuit of a Cognitive Standard for the Accounting Profession", Accounting History.
  • Persson, M. E.; Napier, C. J., (Forthcoming), "R. J. Chambers on Securities and Obscurities: Making a Case for the Reform of the Law of Company Accounts in the 1970s", Abacus.
  • Persson, M. E.; Napier, C. J., 2015, "R. J. Chambers and the AICPA’s Postulates and Principles Controversy: A Case of Vicarious Action", Accounting Historian's Journal, December 42(2): 101 - 132.
  • Persson, M. E.; Radcliffe, V. S.; Stein, M. J., 2015, "Alvin R. Jennings: Managing Partner, Policy-Maker, & Institute President", Accounting Historian's Journal, June 42(1): 85 - 104.
  • Persson, M. E.; Napier, C. J., 2014, "The Australian Accounting Academic in the 1950s: R. J. Chambers and Networks of Accounting Research", Meditari Accountancy Research, December 22(1): 54 - 76.

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