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Mehmet A. Begen

Associate Professor, Management Science

Statistical & Actuarial Sciences
Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Mehmet A. Begen

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  • Management Consulting
  • Scheduling
  • Data Driven Approaches
  • Simulation
  • Analytics
  • Operations Research
  • Incentive Alignment
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Spreadsheets & VBA
  • Process & Flow Analysis
  • Project Management

Research Publications

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Professor Mehmet A. Begen is an industrial engineer, a management scientist and an associate in the Ivey Business School at the Western University. Besides Ivey, he is cross-appointed at the departments of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences and Epidemiology & Biostatistics at the Western.

Mehmet's research interests are management science/analytics applications, data-driven approaches and in particular scheduling and operations management in healthcare. He has been a PI or co-PI for NSERC Discovery Grants, Cancer Care Ontario Research Grant, NSERC Undergraduate Student Awards and others. Mehmet’s research won a top prize in the “Optimize the Real World” competition hosted by FICO for solving real business problems with use of analytics, developing mathematical models with data and obtaining managerial insights.

He has PhD and MS degrees in management science from Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, and a BS degree in industrial engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey.

Mehmet is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), worked in management consulting before his PhD studies and is a recipient of CORS (Canadian Operational Research Society) Practice Prize and served as the president of CORS. He teaches courses on analytical modelling, financial analytics, analytics projects, big data tools and statistics.


  • Decision Making with Analytics, MBA and HBA
  • End User Modeling (Spreadsheet Analytics and VBA), HBA
  • Business 9458, Healthcare Analytics (Health Sector), MBA
  • Preparatory Knowledge Program, Quantitative Analysis, MBA
  • Best Practices: Competing with Analytics, MSc
  • Business Project, MSc
  • Art of Modelling, MSc
  • Financial Analytics, MBA and HBA
  • Business Fundamentals (Analytics), MBA Direct and AMBA


  • PhD, Management Science - Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
  • MSc, Management Science - Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
  • BSc, Industrial Engineering - Middle East Technical University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Okuyan, C. B.; Begen, M. A., (Forthcoming), "Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic, its Effects on Health, and Recommendations: The Pandemic and Beyond", Perspectives In Psychiatric Care.
  • Caglar Gencosman, B.; Begen, M. A., (Forthcoming), "Exact Optimization and Decomposition Approaches for Shelf Space Allocation", European Journal Of Operational Research.
  • Naderi, B.; Roshanaei, V.; Begen, M. A.; Aleman, D.; Urbach, D., 2021, "Increased surgical capacity without additional resources: Generalized operating room planning and scheduling", Production and Operations Management, October 30(8): 2608 - 2635.
  • Sang, P.; Begen, M. A.; Cao, J., 2021, "Appointment (Surgery) Scheduling with a Quantile Objective", Computers and Operations Research, August 132: 105295 - 105295.
  • Okuyan, C. B.; Begen, M. A., 2021, "Why are Elderly at Higher Risk and what should be done for them During the COVID-19 pandemic", International Journal of Caring Sciences, April 14(1): 767 - 767.
  • Okuyan, H. M.; Dogan, S.; Terzi, Y. T.; Begen, M. A.; Turgut, F. H., 2021, "Association of serum lncRNA H19 expression with inflammatory and oxidative stress markers and routine biochemical parameters in chronic kidney disease", Clinical and Experimental Nephrology, February 25(5): 522 - 530.
  • Okuyan, H. M.; Begen, M. A., 2021, "miRNAs as attractive diagnostic and therapeutic targets for Familial Mediterranean Fever", Modern Rheumatology, February 31(5): 949 - 959.
  • Habbous, S.; Barnieh, L.; Klarenbach, S.; Manns, B.; Sarma, S.; Begen, M. A.; Litchfield, K.; Lentine, K. L.; Singh, S.; Garg, A. X., et al., 2020, "Evaluating multiple living kidney donor candidates simultaneously is more cost-effective than sequentially.", Kidney International, December 98(6): 1578 - 1588.
  • Barzanji, R.; Naderi, B.; Begen, M. A., 2020, "Decomposition algorithms for the integrated process-planning and scheduling problem", OMEGA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE, June 93.
  • Sauré, A.; Begen, M. A.; Patrick, J., 2020, "Dynamic Multi-Priority, Multi-Class Patient Scheduling with Stochastic Service Times", European Journal of Operational Research, January 280(1): 254 - 265.
  • Begen, M. A.; Puterman, M. L.; Wu, H., 2019, "Development of an Operational and Tactical Decision Support Tool for a Canadian Beverage Firm: A Case Study", European Journal of Industrial Engineering, April 13(2): 245 - 263.
  • Habbous,, S.; McArthur, E.; Sarma, S.; Begen, M. A.; Lam, N.; Manns, B.; Lentine, K. L.; Dipchand, C.; Litchfield, K.; Mackenzie, S., et al., 2018, "Potential implications of a more timely living kidney donor evaluation", American Journal of Transplantation, October 18(11): 2719 - 2729.
  • Habbous, S.; Arnold, J.; Begen, M. A.; Boudville,, N.; Cooper, M.; Dipchand, C.; Dixon, S.; Feldman,, L. S.; Gozdzik, D.; Karpinski, M., et al., 2018, "Duration of Living Kidney Transplant Donor Evaluations: Findings From 2 Multi-center Cohort Studies", American Journal of Kidney Diseases, October 72(4): 483 - 498.
  • Habbous,, S.; Sarma, S.; Barnieh, L.; McArthur, E.; Klarenbach, S.; Manns,, B.; Begen, M. A.; Lentine, K. L.; Garg, A. X., 2018, "Health care costs for the evaluation, surgery, and follow-up care of living kidney donors", Transplantation, August 102(8): 1367 - 1374.
  • Lyons, J.; Bell, P. C.; Begen, M. A., 2018, "Solving the Whistler-Blackcomb Mega Day Challenge", Interfaces, July 48(4): 291 - 397.

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Honours & Awards

  • Eldon Gunn Service Award, CORS 2021
  • CORS (Canadian Operational Research Society) Practice Prize
  • CORS President
  • Winner of FICO’s “Optimize the Real World” contest, 2014
  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  • Informs Case Study Competition Finalist


  • Assistant Professor, Ivey, Western
  • Lecturer (in MM, MBA, PhD Programs), Sauder, UBC
  • Project Manager and Associate Director (Research), Center for Operations Excellence, UBC