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Mehmet A. Begen

Associate Professor, Management Science

Statistical & Actuarial Sciences
Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Contact Information


  • Management Consulting
  • Scheduling
  • Data Driven Approaches
  • Simulation
  • Analytics
  • Operations Research
  • Incentive Alignment
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Spreadsheets & VBA
  • Process & Flow Analysis
  • Project Management

Research Publications

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Professor Mehmet Begen is an industrial engineer and a management scientist with research interests in operations research (OR) applications, healthcare operations management, scheduling, simulation and data-driven approaches.

Besides the Decision Making with Analytics and End User Modeling courses at Ivey, Mehmet has taught courses in optimization and spreadsheet programming in graduate levels at Sauder (UBC).

Mehmet worked in management consulting as a project manager before his Ph.D. studies. He is a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP).”


  • Decision Making with Analytics, MBA
  • Decision Making with Analytics, HBA
  • End User Modeling (Spreadsheet Analytics and VBA), HBA
  • Business 9458, Healthcare Analytics (Health Sector), MBA
  • Preparatory Knowledge Program, Quantitative Analysis, MBA
  • Best Practices: Competing with Analytics, MSc
  • Business Project, MSc


  • PhD, Management Science - UBC
  • MSc, Management Science - UBC
  • BSc, Industrial Engineering - METU

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Begen, MA, Fung, R, Granot, D, Granot, F, Hall, C, Kluczny , B, (Forthcoming), "Evaluation of a Centralized Transportation Assistance System for Passengers with Special Needs at a Canadian Airport", International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics.
  • Habbous, S, Arnold, J, Begen, MA, Boudville,, N, Cooper, M, Dipchand, C, Dixon, S, Feldman,, LS, Gozdzik, D, Karpinski, M, Klarenbach, S, Knoll, GA, Lam, N, Lentine, KL, Lok, C, McArthur, E, McKenzie, S, Miller, M, Monroy-Cuadros, M, Nguan, C, Prasad, GVR, Przech, S, Sarma, S, Segev, SL, Storsley, L, Garg, AX, (Forthcoming), "Duration of Living Kidney Transplant Donor Evaluations: Findings From 2 Multi-center Cohort Studies", American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
  • Habbous, S, McArthur, E, Dixon, S, McKenzie, S, Garcia-Ochoa, C, Lam, N, Lentine, KL, Dipchand, C, Litchfield, K, Begen, MA, Sarma, S, Garg, AX, (Forthcoming), "Initiating maintenance dialysis prior to living kidney donor transplantation when a donor candidate evaluation is well underway", Transplantation.
  • Lyons, J, Bell, PC, Begen, MA, (Forthcoming), "Solving the Whistler-Blackcomb Mega Day Challenge", Interfaces.
  • Habbous,, S, Sarma, S, Barnieh, L, McArthur, E, Klarenbach, S, Manns,, B, Begen, MA, Lentine, KL, Garg, AX, (Forthcoming), "Health care costs for the evaluation, surgery, and follow-up care of living kidney donors", Transplantation.
  • Babashov, V, Aivas, I, Begen, MA, Cao, JQ, Rodrigues, GB, D'Souza, D, Lock, M, Zaric, GS, 2017, "Reducing Patient Wait Times for Radiation Therapy and Improving Treatment Planning Process: A Discrete-event Simulation Model", Clinical Oncology 29(6): 385 - 391.
  • Babashov, V, Begen, MA, Mangel, J, Zaric, GS, 2017, "Economic evaluation of brentuximab vedotin for persistent Hodgkin lymphoma", Current Oncology 24(1): e6 - e14.
  • Ozturk, O, Begen, MA, Zaric, GS, 2017, "A branch and bound algorithm for scheduling unit size jobs on parallel batching machines to minimize makespan", International Journal of Production Research 55(6): 1815 - 1831.
  • Caglar Gencosman, BC, Begen, MA, Ozmutlu, C, Yilmaz, IO, 2016, "Scheduling Methods for Efficient Stamping Operations at an Automotive Company", Production and Operations Management 25(11): 1902 - 1918.
  • Begen, MA, Pun, H, Yan, XH, 2016, "Supply and Demand Uncertainty Reduction Efforts and Cost Comparison", International Journal of Production Economics 180: 125 - 134.
  • Ozturk, O, Begen, MA, Zaric, GS, 2014, "A branch and bound based heuristic for makespan minimization of washing operations in hospital sterilization services", European Journal of Operational Research 239(1): 214 - 226.
  • Begen, MA, Levi, R, Queyranne, M, 2012, "A sampling-based approach to appointment scheduling", Operations Research 60(3): 675 - 681.
  • Begen, MA, Queyranne, M, 2011, "Appointment Scheduling with Discrete Random Durations", Mathematics of Operations Research 36(2): 240 - 257.
  • Santibanez, P, Begen, MA, Atkins, D, 2007, "Surgical Block Scheduling in a System of Hospitals: An Application to Resource and Wait List Management in a BC Health Authority", Health Care Management Science 10(3): 269 - 282.
  • Begen, MA, Puterman, ML, 2003, "Development of a Catch Allocation Tool Design for Production Planning at JS McMillan Fisheries", INFOR 41(3): 235 - 244.

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Honours & Awards

  • Second prize for the Informs MSOM Student Paper Competition
  • Runner up for the Informs Computing Society Student Paper Competition
  • Honorable Mention for the CORS Student Paper Competition
  • Honorable Mention for Informs Bonder Scholarship
  • CORS Practice Prize
  • Informs Case Study Competition Finalist


  • Lecturer (MM, MBA and PhD Programs), Sauder School of Business, UBC
  • Project Manager and Associate Director, Research, Centre for Operations Excellence, Sauder School of Business, UBC
  • Graduate and Teaching Assistant, Sauder School of Business, UBC
  • Project Analyst, Centre for Operations Excellence, UBC