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Mitchell Stein

Assistant Professor, Managerial Accounting and Control

Director of the CPA-Ivey Centre for Accounting Education

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  • Corporate Governance
  • Taxation
  • Accounting History

Research Publications

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Mitchell Stein is a an Assistant Professor of Managerial Accounting and Control at the Ivey Business School. He holds a BComm Honours (Queen's University) and a PhD (Queen's University). Mitchell is also a Chartered Accountant who formerly practiced in corporate, research and development, executive and cross border taxation with Deloitte for 10 years.

Mitchell previously taught at Queen's University and at the Ontario School of Accountancy. He has received a number of awards including being an Ontario Graduate Scholar, American Accounting Association Doctoral Consortium Fellow and he received The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario Doctoral Fellowship.

Mitchell's research interests span both financial accounting and taxation. In particular he is interested in corporate governance issues, transparency and regulation within accounting in terms of broader issues of social control. His current focus is on researching the emergence of the modern corporation in the United States and the role of accounting using historical research focused on source documentary evidence from the formation of U.S. corporate law.


  • Financial Fundamentals, HBA Core
  • Management Accounting and Control, HBA Core


  • B Comm Honours, Queen's University
  • PhD, Queen’s University CA

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Free, C.; Radcliffe, V. S.; Spence, C.; Stein, M. J., (Forthcoming), "Auditing and the Development of the Modern State", Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • Radcliffe, V. S.; Spence, C.; Stein, M. J.; Wilkinson, B., 2018, "Professional repositioning during times of institutional change: The case of tax practitioners and changing moral boundaries", Accounting, Organizations and Society, April 66: 45 - 59.
  • Persson, M. E.; Radcliffe, V. S.; Stein, M. J., 2018, "Elmer G. Beamer and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: The Pursuit of a Cognitive Standard for the Accounting Profession", Accounting History, February 23(1-2): 71 - 92.
  • Stein, M. J.; Salterio, S.; Shearer, T., 2017, ""Transparency" in Accounting and Corporate Governance: Making Sense of Multiple Meanings", Accounting and the Public Interest, December 17(1): 31 - 59.
  • Radcliffe, V. S.; Spence, C.; Stein, M. J., 2017, "The Impotence of Accountability: The Relationship between Greater Transparency and Corporate Reform", Contemporary Accounting Research, March 34(1): 622 - 658.
  • Persson, M. E.; Radcliffe, V. S.; Stein, M. J., 2015, "Alvin R. Jennings: Managing Partner, Policy-Maker, & Institute President", Accounting Historian's Journal, June 42(1): 85 - 104.
  • Stein, M. J., 2008, "Beyond the boardroom: governmental perspectives on corporate governance", Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal, July 21(7): 1001 - 1025.

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  • Lecturer, Queen's University
  • Senior Manager, Deloitte 1995-2003

Research/Course Development

  • Accounting Regulation
  • Field and Archival - Based Research