Associate Professor, Marketing

  • David G. Burgoyne Faculty Fellow


Neil Bendle joined Ivey in 2010 as an Assistant Professor in Marketing after completing his PhD in Marketing (Business Administration) from the University of Minnesota. A qualified accountant (FCCA) Neil also holds an MBA from the University of Virginia, MA in Hellenistic Studies from University of Liverpool, and a BA in Ancient History and History from the University of Nottingham.
Neil’s research has two strands. The first focuses on the impact of non-standard decision making in commercial and political markets using evolutionary game theory and behavioural economics. The second strand investigates the measurement of marketing performance and the accounting/marketing interface.
He is co-author of Marketing Metrics: The Manager’s Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance (3rd edition) Wharton School Press. Neil blogs weekly on decision-making and management at and is co-author of a cartoon book: Behavioural Economics for Kids. Prior to entering academia Neil was the Finance Director of the British Labour Party.


  • MBA Competition and Competitor Analysis
  • HBA Competition and Competitor Analysis
  • HBA Measurable Marketing
  • PhD Decision Making


  • PhD, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  • MBA, Darden School, University of Virginia
  • MA, University of Liverpool
  • BA, University of Nottingham

Recent Refereed Articles

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  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, Ivey Business School, Western University (2010-present)
  • Finance Manager Labour Party (UK) (1996-2002)