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Neil Bendle

Associate Professor, Marketing

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  • Behavioral Economics
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Political Marketing
  • Marketing Accountability

Faculty Focus

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Research Publications

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Neil’s research has two strands. The first investigates the measurement of marketing performance and the accounting/marketing interface. The second focuses on the impact of non-standard decision making in commercial and political markets using evolutionary game theory and behavioural economics.
Neil is the Chair of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board advisors. He is co-author of Marketing Metrics: The Manager’s Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance (3rd edition) Wharton School Press. Neil blogs weekly on decision-making and management at and is co-author of a cartoon book: Behavioural Economics for Kids.


  • Measurable Marketing
  • Competition and Competitor Analysis
  • Decision Making

Programs Taught

  • HBA
  • MBA
  • PhD


  • PhD, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  • MBA, Darden School, University of Virginia
  • MA, University of Liverpool
  • BA, University of Nottingham

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Lu, S.; Wang, X.; Bendle, N. T., (Forthcoming), "Does Piracy Create Online Word-of-Mouth? An Empirical Analysis in Movie Industry", Management Science.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Perkins, A., (Forthcoming), "Stereotyping and Marketing: Out-Group Homogeneity Bias and Entry to Competitive Markets", Customer Needs and Solutions.
  • Bagga, C.; Bendle, N. T.; Cotte, J., 2019, "Object Valuation and Non-Ownership Possession: How Renting and Borrowing Impact Willingness-to-pay", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, December 42(1): 97 - 117.
  • Schweidel, D. A.; Bendle, N. T., 2019, "Marketing and Politics: Strange Bedfellows no More", Customer Needs and Solutions, December 6: 37 - 40.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Bagga, C.; Nastasoiu, M-A., 2019, "Forging a Stronger Academic-Practitioner Partnership - The Case of Net Promoter Score (NPS)", Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, April 27(2): 210 - 226.
  • Nastasoiu, M-A.; Bendle, N. T.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2019, "Improving Measurement With Big Data: Variety-Seeking And Survival", Applied Marketing Analytics, January 4(3): 253 - 263.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Butt, M., 2018, "The Misuse of Accounting-Based Approximations of Tobin’s Q in a World of Market-Based Assets", Marketing Science, June 37(3): 484 - 504.
  • Ryoo, J.; Bendle, N. T., 2017, "Understanding the Social Media Strategies of US Primary Candidates", Journal of Political Marketing, December 16(3-4): 244 - 266.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Wang, X., 2017, "Marketing Accounts", International Journal of Research in Marketing, September 34(3): 604 - 621.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Bagga, C., 2017, "The Confusion About CLV In Case-Based Teaching Materials", Marketing Education Review, March 27(1): 27 - 38.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Thomson, M., 2016, "Indirect Prejudice: The Danger in Considering Others’ Preferences during a Primary Election", Journal of Customer Behaviour, October 15(3): 239 - 259.
  • Horne, D.; Bendle, N. T., 2016, "Gift Cards: A Review and Research Agenda", International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, June 26(2): 154 - 170.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Wang, X.; Mai, F., 2016, "Understanding Co-Authorship among Consumer Behavior Scholars", Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, June 24(1).
  • Bendle, N. T.; Bagga, C., 2016, "The metrics that marketers muddle", MIT Sloan Management Review, March 57(3): 73 - 82.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Cotte, J., 2016, "Assumptions of Rationality in A Political Market: The Case of the Republican Autopsy", Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, March 28(1): 66 - 83.

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Honours & Awards

  • Ivey Business School, Research Merit Award, 2016, 2017
  • JAME - 2016 Outstanding Review of the Year
  • David G. Burgoyne Faculty Fellowship (2014-17)


  • Assistant/Associate Professor of Marketing, Ivey Business School, Western University (2010-present)
  • Finance Manager Labour Party (UK) (1996-2002)