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P.W. (Paul) Beamish

Professor, International Business & General Management

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
Fellow of the Academy of International Business
Director, International Business Institute

P.W. (Paul) Beamish

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  • Joint Ventures and Alliances
  • Business Strategy
  • International Management
  • Emerging Markets
  • China/Japan/Asia
  • Exporting

Research Publications

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Paul Beamish has authored over 60 books and 144 journal articles. His books are in the areas of International Management, Strategic Management, and Joint Ventures and Alliances. His articles have appeared in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), and elsewhere. He served as Editor-in-Chief of JIBS from 1993-97 and is on numerous editorial boards. He is a Research Fellow of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Professor Beamish has supervised 36 PhD dissertations, many involving International Joint Ventures and Alliances. His consulting, management training, and joint venture facilitation activities have been in both the public and private sector. These have taken place in over a dozen countries for such organizations as Boeing, Canadian Foreign Service Institute, Cisco, Dupont, Harvard Institute for International Development, Hayes-Dana, Labatt/Interbrew, Schneider, and Valmet. He worked for Procter and Gamble and Wilfrid Laurier University before joining Ivey's faculty in 1987. He is the founder of The 39 Country Initiative.

Beamish has authored over 146 case studies, primarily in the international management area. These have appeared in Asian Case Research Journal, Case Research Journal, and in over 120 books. His cases have been among Ivey's top external sellers in each of the past ten years. He is recipient of best case writing awards from the European Foundation for Management Development, AIB, and ASAC.

Professor Beamish (Bao Ming Xin in Chinese) has worked on Asia-specific issues for many years. He has written case studies and/or conducted research involving China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. He has served as a consultant to The World Bank on technology transfer to China, provided training programs in Asia for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, and co-edited a series of casebooks published in Chinese by Tsinghua University Press. He is series editor for 16 volumes of cases for the China market available in both English and Chinese and 10 volumes in Taiwan. His Asia-related books include Japanese Subsidiaries in the New Global Economy (Edward Elgar), Cooperative Strategies: Asian-Pacific Perspectives (published by The New Lexington Press), and Japanese Multinationals in the Global Economy (Edward Elgar).

He was the founding Director at Ivey of both the Asian Management Institute (1997) and the Engaging Emerging Markets Research Centre (2005). These were both folded into the International Business Institute (2016).


  • International Management Theory and Research (PhD)
  • International Joint Ventures and Alliances (MSc)
  • Strategic Management/Business Policy (MBA and Undergraduate)
  • Multinational Enterprise Strategies/International Business (Executive MBA, HK EMBA, MBA and Undergraduate)


  • BA, Hons Bus - Western
  • PhD, Western

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Beamish, P. W.; Chakravarty, D., 2021, "Using the Resource-Based View in Multinational Enterprise Research", Journal Of Management, September 47(7): 1861 - 1877.
  • Getachew, Y.; Beamish, P. W., 2021, "Unbundling the effects of host-country institutions on foreign subsidiary survival: A case for subsidiary heterogeneity", Journal of World Business, June 56(4): 101226 - 101226.
  • Farah, B.; Elias, R.; Chakravarty, D.; Beamish, P. W., 2021, "Host country corporate income tax rate and foreign subsidiary survival", Journal of World Business, February 56(2): 101186 - 101186.
  • Sartor, M. A.; Beamish, P. W., 2020, "Private Sector Corruption, Public Sector Corruption and the Organizational Structure of Foreign Subsidiaries", Journal of Business Ethics, December 167(4): 725 - 744.
  • Jiang, F. J.; Holburn, G. L. F.; Beamish, P. W., 2020, "Repeat Market Entries in the Internationalization Process: The Impact of Investment Motives and Corporate Capabilities", Global Strategy Journal, May 10(2): 335 - 360.
  • Sartor, M.; Beamish, P. W., 2020, "Integration-Oriented Strategies, Host Market Corruption and The Likelihood of Foreign Subsidiary Exit From Emerging Markets", Journal of International Business Studies, January 51(3): 414 - 431.
  • Beamish, P. W., 2020, "The Transferability of Western Business Education to the East", Journal of Management Studies, January 57(1): 163 - 170.
  • Bapuji, H.; Beamish, P. W., 2019, "Impacting Practice through IB Scholarship: Toy Recalls and the Product Safety Crisis", Journal of International Business Studies, December 50(9): 1636 - 1643.
  • Lee, H.; Chung, C. C.; Beamish, P. W., 2019, "Configurational Characteristics of Mandate Portfolios and Their Impact on Foreign Subsidiary Survival", Journal of World Business, November 54(5): 100999 - 100999.
  • Peng, G.; Beamish, P. W., 2019, "Subnational FDI Legitimacy and Foreign Subsidiary Survival", Journal of International Management, September 25(3): 100662 - 100662.
  • Zhang, M.; Beamish, P. W., 2019, "An Institutional Response Model to Economic Liberalization: Japanese MNEs’ Ownership Choices in China", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, March 36(1): 33 - 59.
  • Arregle, J. L.; Miller, T.; Hitt, M.; Beamish, P. W., 2018, "The Role of MNEs’ Internationalization Patterns in Their Regional Integration of FDI Locations", Journal of World Business, December 53(6): 896 - 910.
  • Beamish, P. W.; Zhang, M., 2018, "Joint Ventures in China Revisited", Research Technology Management, June 61(3): 38 - 40.
  • Sartor, M. A.; Beamish, P. W., 2018, "Host Market Government Corruption and the Equity-Based Foreign Entry Strategies of MNEs", Journal of International Business Studies, April 49(3): 346 - 370.
  • Beamish, P. W., 2018, "The 39 Country Initiative and Africa", Africa Journal of Management, March 4(1): 111 - 123.

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Honours & Awards

  • In 2021, Professor Beamish received the Case Centre's "Outstanding Contribution to the Came Method Award".
  • Professor Beamish received the International Management Eminent Scholar Award 2017 and Outstanding Educator Award 2012, from the Academy of Management.
  • He has received best research paper awards from the Academy of Management, the Academy of International Business (AIB), and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC).
  • In 2017, he was recognized by Journal of International Business Studies as the fifth most published author in the history of the journal, in 2014 by Management International Review as the fifth most prolific contributor to the IB literature between 1995-2011, in 2010 by International Business Review as the second most productive I.B. scholar in the 1996-2008 period.


  • Full Professor, since 1996; Tenured, 1990; Associate Professor, effective July 1989; Assistant Professor, July 1987-June 1989.
  • Assistant Professor, School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University, Dec. 1984-June 1987; Lecturer, July 1982-Dec. 1984.
  • Proprietor - Nomad Trading Company, 1977-90.
  • Manager, Comptroller’s Division - The Procter and Gamble Company of Canada Ltd., 1976-1979.