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Romel Mostafa

Assistant Professor, Business, Economics and Public Policy

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Romel Mostafa joined the Business, Economics, and Public Policy group in July 2011. Prior to coming to the Western University, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Strategy at Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. He received his Ph.D. in Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Technological Change from Carnegie Mellon University.

Professor Mostafa's primary area of research investigates the mechanisms that foster birth and growth of competitive industries. A recipient of Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship, Mostafa focuses on the processes by which entrants build their new-firm capabilities, the channels that allow valuable knowledge to diffuse across firm boundaries, and the impact of institutional environments and their changes on entrepreneurial activities. His secondary area of research explores how behavioural biases affect financial decision making. His published and on-going research has been featured in various international media, including the BusinessWeek and the National Public Radio.

A native of Bangladesh, Professor Mostafa enjoys various sports (cricket and soccer, above all) and music (especially 60's and 70's Bengali and English music), and loves cooking and travelling.


  • Global Macroeconomics for Managers


  • BA, Economics & Math-Computer Science - Lawrence University
  • MS, Social and Decision Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University
  • PhD, Strategy Entrepreneurship & Technological Change - Carnegie Mellon University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Jahanbakht, M.; Mostafa, R., 2020, "Coevolution of policy and strategy in the development of the mobile telecommunications industry in Africa", Telecommunications Policy, December 44(4).
  • Mostafa, R.; Klepper, S., 2018, "Industrial Development through Tacit Knowledge Seeding: Evidence from the Bangladesh Garment Industry", Management Science, February 64(2): 613 - 632.
  • Argyes, N.; Mostafa, R., 2016, "Knowledge Inheritance, Vertical Integration, and Entrant Survival in the Early U.S. Auto Industry", Academy of Management Journal, August 59(4): 1474 - 1492.
  • Haisley, E.; Mostafa, R.; Loewenstein, G., 2008, "Myopic Risk-seeking: The Impact of Narrow Decision Bracketing on Lottery Play", Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, August 37(1): 57 - 75.
  • Haisley, E.; Mostafa, R.; Loewenstein, G., 2008, "Subjective Relative Income and Lottery Ticket Purchases", Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, July 21(3): 283 - 295.

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  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Strategy, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis (2008-2011)
  • Advisory Editor, The Executive Times, (2003-2010)
  • Cofounder, Moondip LLC, Chicago, IL (1999-2002)

Research/Course Development

  • Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
  • Innovation and Technology Management