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Stephan Vachon

Associate Professor, Operations Management

Stephan Vachon

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  • Environmental Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Management

Research Publications

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Prior to his arrival as a new faculty at Ivey, Stephan Vachon spent five years at HEC Montreal where he became an Associate Professor and Director of the Department of Logistics and Operations Management. Besides teaching in different degree programs at HEC Montreal, he was involved in executive programs offered to Doosan Corporation (South Korea), North China Grid Company (China), Institute of Product Development (Canada), and China Yangtzee Power Co. (China). Stephan was also a faculty member at Clarkson University (New York, USA) and was involved in the Clarkson's MBA and executive (EGOM) programs. His research interests include supply chain management, environmental management, and energy management.


  • PHD
  • EMBA
  • HBA

Programs Taught

  • HBA
  • MSc
  • PhD


  • PhD, Western University
  • MSc, Université de Montréal
  • BSc, Université de Montréal

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Taylor, K.; Hajmohammad, S.; Vachon, S., 2021, "Activist engagement and industry-level change: Adoption of new practices by observing firms", Industrial Marketing Management, January 92: 295 - 306.
  • Hartmann, J.; Vachon, S., 2018, "Linking Environmental Management to Environmental Performance: The Interactive Role of Industry Context", Business Strategy and the Environment, March 27(3): 359 - 374.
  • Taylor, K.; Vachon, S., 2018, "Empirical research on sustainable supply chains: IJPR’s contribution and research avenues", International Journal of Production Research, January 56(1-2): 950 - 959.
  • Vachon, S.; Hajmohammad, S., 2016, "Supply Chain Uncertainty and Environmental Management", Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, December 1.
  • Hajmohammad, S.; Vachon, S., 2016, "Mitigation, Avoidance, or Acceptance? Managing Supplier Sustainability Risk", Journal of Supply Chain Management, April 52(2): 48 - 65.
  • Gualandris, J.; Klassen, R. D.; Vachon, S.; Kalchschmidt, M., 2015, "Sustainable evaluation and verification in supply chains: Aligning and leveraging accountability to stakeholders", Journal of Operations Management, July 38: 1 - 13.
  • Hajmohammad, S.; Vachon, S., 2014, "Safety Culture: A Catalyst for Sustainable Development", Journal of Business Ethics, August 123(2): 263 - 281.
  • Vachon, S.; Hajmohammad, S.; Patry, K., 2013, "Returns management in a business-to-business context: its impact on customer satisfaction", International Journal of Integrated Supply Management, December 8(4): 173 - 192.
  • Hajmohammad, S.; Vachon, S.; Klassen, R. D.; Gavronski, I., 2013, "Reprint of Lean management and supply management: Their role in green practices and performance", Journal of Cleaner Production, October 56: 86 - 93.
  • Hajmohammad, S.; Vachon, S.; Klassen, R. D.; Gavronski, I., 2013, "Lean Management and Supply Management: Their Role in Green Practices and Performance", Journal of Cleaner Production, October 56: 86 - 93.
  • Gavronski, I.; Klassen, R. D.; Vachon, S.; Nascimento, L. F. M., 2012, "A Learning and Knowledge Approach to Sustainable Operations", International Journal of Production Economics, September 140(1): 183 - 192.
  • Thoumy, M.; Vachon, S., 2012, "Environmental Projects and Financial Performance: Exploring the Impact of Projects' Context and Characteristics", International Journal of Production Economics, September 140(1): 28 - 34.
  • Gavronski, I.; Klassen, R. D.; Vachon, S.; Nascimento, L. F. M., 2011, "A Resource-Based View of Green Supply Management", Transportation Research Part E - Logistics and Transportation Review, September 47(6): 872 - 885.
  • Vachon, S., 2010, "International Operations and Sustainable Development: Should National Culture Matter?", Sustainable Development, December 18(6): 350 - 361.
  • Vachon, S.; Halley, A.; Beaulieu, M., 2009, "Aligning Completitive Priorities in the Supply Chain: The Role of Interactions with Suppliers", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, June 29(4): 332 - 340.

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  • Associate Professor, HEC Montreal (2009-2011)
  • Assistant Professor, HEC Montreal (2006-2009)
  • Assistant Professor, Clarkson University (2003-2006)
  • Consultant, KPMG Consulting (1996-1998)
  • Economist, Groupe Cartier (1995-1996)