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MBA 2017 Class Gift

This year’s MBA class gift will go towards supporting the Francis Tardif Memorial Scholarship. Francis was an integral part of the 2017 class and we will forever miss him in our MBA family. Francis was genuine, authentically himself and had a passion for life. His presence always put a smile on our faces; his absence reminds us to live life to the fullest and, most importantly, to always say “I love you” to each other. By establishing this scholarship fund, we will be able to carry forward his legacy and continue to keep his spirit alive within the Ivey MBA community.

Please show your support and consider donating to the memorial scholarship. Any amount, no matter how big or small, will make a difference. Thank you to the MBA class of 2017 and to all those staff who have been with us throughout this journey. We truly appreciate all your support.

Total To Date: $45,389


Results as of May 29, 2017

Giving Options

To contribute to the Francis Tardif Memorial Scholarship, you can make a one-time gift or an ongoing pledge paid on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.

In person: a donation form is available in the MBA Lounge. Please return it to Christina Leonardi, Diana Mohan or Josh Barr.

Online: to access our online donation form please select contribute, when asked "Where would you like to direct your gift?", please select "Other" and indicate the "Francis Tardif Memorial Scholarship".

To make a pledge with payments with a delayed start date: please fill out the donation form available in the MBA lounge or email Lynne Craven, with the details of your pledge (total pledge amount, recurring gift amount, recurring gift duration and start date).

Scholarships for each section will be awarded for MBA students through a peer and teacher’s evaluation based on the following criteria:

  • students who contributed the most in class by the quality of their interventions and their ability to say what they think and to "challenge" the professors while being respectful
  • students who contributed the most to peer life, in working groups or any other student activity, by demonstrating passion, leadership, authenticity, empathy, inclusiveness, generosity and love to everyone.

The Tardif Family, Foundation Madeleine Et Jean-Paul Tardif, will match contributions received, up to $37,500.

All gifts by class members made by graduation day count toward the class gift total.