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HBA 1993 Reunion Gift

Our reunion year is an occasion to renew ties with classmates and reflect on what Ivey means to us. It's also a time for classes to come together and participate in the strong Ivey tradition of giving back.

Assist current Ivey students by making a gift to the Caroline Brohman Memorial Award in honour of our HBA '93 reunion campaign. Your participation sends a strong message of support for Ivey’s mission and shows a desire to provide today's students with the same opportunities you were afforded.


Kate Brohman, Karina Eichenberg, Kristen Hamilton, Pauline Martin, John McNain, Kevin O'Brien, Steve Rodin, Gord Sandford

-Class Gift Committee


Total To Date: $156,266

Recent Donors

Kevin O'Brien, Gordon Sandford, Kate Brohman, John McNain, Steven Rodin, Karina Eichenberg, Pauline Martin, Alan Wright, Cynthia Mar, Kristen Hamilton, Laird McLean, Alison & Scott Cooper, Stephanie Chen, Joe Goodwin, Brent Choi, Sonia Grunau, Patrick Leu, Stephanie Brooks, Lisa Li, Mike Klinck, Caroline Sykes, Jeremy Harris, Anne Cox, Jeremy Harris, Mike Kavander, Andrew Fletcher, Cheng-Yi Tong, Darren Wallace, Jeffrey Beaty, Paula Puddy, Glen Webster, Alex Gulyas, Tony Krajewski, Brent Currie, Mark Applebaum, Greg Smith, Jeremy Cole, Eva Salem, Alissa Anzarut, Robert Biehler, Lisa Goldson Armstrong, Shawn Aspden, Keith Laslop, Doug Trussler, David Fabian, Nicole Jones, Arthur Chow, Anonymous, James Witmer, Michelle Butler, Greg Mason, Anonymous, Andrea Peel




Results as of October 19, 2018

The Ivey Fund. Our Venture Capital.

When you give back to Ivey, it’s not just a donation, it’s an investment in the future. It provides the venture capital we need to stay on the leading edge of innovation while maintaining our standard of excellence. That’s why we call it the Ivey Fund.

The same way your Ivey experience was made possible by generous donations, current students rely on alumni like you to pay it forward. Regardless of when you graduated or how much you can give, we need you to continue to be a part of our team. Invest in the Ivey Fund today.

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HBA 25th Reunion Record

Class of 1981

HBA 25th Reunion Participation Record

Class of 1981


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