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Emily Goad

Program of Study prior to attending the HBA Program.

Honors Specialization in Foods and Nutrition

Extra-curricular activities in the first two years of University.

  • Member of Varsity Track and Field Team
  • Volunteer for Track and Field events (coaching high school students, Aboriginal Day, track meet official, etc.)

Why Ivey?

I started at Western in Biological and Medical Sciences with the hopes of a career in medicine.  I quickly realized that I valued an interactive class environment and material that was applicable in my day-to-day life, which is exactly what the case method provides. 

I have learned and changed more at Ivey over the last year than I ever have before.  My most valuable learning however has not been from a textbook, but is an increase in my self-confidence.  I am now more comfortable than ever public speaking and reaching out to new people.

What was one highlight of your Ivey Experience?

My biggest highlight so far has been the network I have been able to build.  Not only have I built relationships with my section that I will carry into the future, but I have also developed rapport with my professors, Ivey Alumni, and businesses.

What advice would you give incoming HBA students?

To all new HBA students I cannot stress the importance of getting involved.  Whether that’s through section gatherings, Ivey or Western clubs and events, or community activities, take the time now to expand your horizons and gain experience. You don’t want to leave wishing you had done more.

Given the demanding curriculum in HBA1, what support is available for students?

Although the Ivey classroom environment seemed intimidating at first, I quickly found out that it was filled with my biggest supporters.  My interactions with my classmates and my professors are so dynamic and engaging

I had two great support systems last year.  The first were my section mates.  We were all going through the same challenges and anxieties together, but during times of stress they were always able to help me stay grounded and keep things in perspective.  The second was the track team, who were able to give me a valuable outside perspective.

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Emily Goad

Emily Goad

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