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Henry Choi

Program of Study in Years 1 and 2:

Economics, Politics & Philosophy

Extra-curricular involvement in the first two years of university:

  • Executive Team, UWO Debate Society
  • Workshop Facilitator, Leadership Education Program
  • Executive Team, UWO Pre-Law Society

Additional Information

Why Ivey?

In high school, I knew that I wanted to pursue business. However, I also wanted to explore other academic interests, in areas such as economics and political science, in a way more meaningful than a handful of electives. The academic flexibility afforded by the 2+2 program, along with the unique case method approach, is what led me to Ivey.

The teamwork experiences have helped me grow to be a better leader, hundreds of business cases have improved my critical thinking ability and contributing in class day after day has made me a more succinct and confident communicator.

What has one highlight of your Ivey Experience been so far?

The highlight of my Ivey experience so far has been the incredible network of humble, smart, and caring friends I have made. Ivey brings together students from several different faculties, with diverse experiences. The result is a program experience unlike any other in Canada.

What advice do you have for incoming HBA students?  

Check your ego at the door and be open to learning as much as possible! Chances are that this will be the most intellectually stimulating environment you have ever been in, so embrace the failures and challenges that come with it. Remember that the program is a marathon and not a sprint; as long as you are learning, the successes will come.

How has Ivey’s Career Management set you up for success?

In addition to providing valuable recruiting advice, the Career Management team facilitated opportunities to access and network with firms I was interested in. During recruiting season, Career Management handled some of the logistical factors so that I was free to focus on the interviewing process.

With the intense curriculum in HBA1, what support is available for students?  

Although speaking in front of such talented and bright peers can be intimidating at first, your peers and professors help make this transition much easier.

Your best support network are the other students in the building! HBA2s have been through everything you experience in HBA1 and can provide a lot of clarity and guidance on how to handle the challenging demands of the program. Your fellow HBA1s are going through the same experience as you are so rely on one another for support and encouragement!

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Henry Choi

Henry Choi

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