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Michelle Chen

Program of Study prior to attending the HBA Program.

Business Management and Organizational Studies

Extra-curricular activities in the first two years of University.

  • Western Improvisation Troupe - Captain
  • Western Comedy Club - VP Events
  • Western Investment Club - TMT Researcher

Why Ivey?

Ivey's case study method offered me the perfect balance of participative business learning while being surrounded by bright individuals in a close section environment. Ivey also has a history of successful alumni which is a testament to how effective the school's teaching methods are.

Ivey has given me a taste of how to deal with real life problems -- making timely executive business decisions, dealing with problem personalities in report groups, expressing an opinion in an articulate and productive manner, and being able to juggle many concurrent activities at once.

What was one highlight of your Ivey Experience?

Last year, I was elected by my HBA1 peers to be the President of the HBA Association. It is one of my greatest achievements and I am honoured each and every day to represent my HBA peers to the faculty and Ivey community.

What advice would you give incoming HBA students?

Live a balanced life. The HBA program is an endurance sport, not a sprint. Finding a system to balance academics, health, and social engagements is necessary to have a positive experience over the course of two or three years that one is in the HBA program.

Given the demanding curriculum in HBA1, what support is available for students?

Being around so many competitive, bright individuals can be very intimidating. Eventually, you learn your place in your section and you learn how to pace your answers and pick your battles. You learn to respect your peers and actively listen to their participation instead of just focusing on getting your word in.

The HBA2 network was a huge support to me while I was in HBA1. Being able to approach HBA2s who had endured the stressful curriculum and rigorous recruiting process in HBA1 was extremely valuable. I still keep in touch with my HBA2 mentors from last year as they are embarking on the next exciting chapter of their lives.

HBA '16

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Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen

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