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Oct 5, 2017

How can Canada decrease youth cannabis consumption in anticipation of recreational legalization?

A discussion on the importance of developing a strategy to decrease youth cannabis consumption in anticipation of recreational legalization
Sep 18, 2017

Canada needs to facilitate healthy eating, not hinder it

Chronic diseases have become prevalent in our society. We need Canadians to commit to changing their lifestyles for the long-term, and in order to do so, we need our society to help facilitate this change through healthy eating programs.
Aug 31, 2017

Care by design

How we structure the spaces in which patients receive their care, and in which healthcare professionals work can often be overlooked, but it is essential to the care of patients as it influences how we feel, express ourselves, and think.
Aug 16, 2017

Is exercise prescription in primary care the key to health promotion?

"Exercise can be used like a vaccine to prevent disease and a medication to treat disease. If there were a drug with the same benefits as exercise, it would instantly be the standard of care."
Jul 11, 2017

Canada should not allow two-tiered practicing for medically-necessary services

Canada should transform care pathways to improve delivery of care and wait times instead of implementing a two-tiered health system. This would preserve the principles of fairness and equity highly valued by Canadians while maintaining a high standard of care and keeping access to care need-based.
Jun 26, 2017

Taking the time to care: The need for paid caregiver leave in Canada

Over 6 million Canadians are balancing employment with caregiving duties and caregiving can have negative consequences for a caregiver's professional life. This blog discusses the importance of and need for paid leave for caregiving in Canadian workplaces.
Jun 12, 2017

Creating mutually beneficial partnerships between the health systems of developed economies and developing countries

This blog reflects on the need to create mutually beneficial partnerships between developed economies and developing countries/economies in transition and the need for these partnerships to utilize the concept of shared value.
May 24, 2017

Big data in Electronic Health Records, and what physicians can do to help

Despite the large amount of data stored in them, electronic health records (EHR) have yet to realize their full potential in improving care for patients. In response to earlier government incentives in switching to health record systems, physicians now have a strong role to play.
May 9, 2017

A call for Canadian leadership: Addressing public safety and the fentanyl crisis

The opioid crisis has dominated the Western Canadian news cycle for the better part of 2016. Immediate action is required to protect the unsuspecting, and frequently marginalized population of illicit drug users at risk.
Apr 24, 2017

A Seat at the table: A case study in publicly funded eating disorder programming

After having visited Sheena's Place, a not-for-profit in Toronto, Victoria Wiebe, provides a follow-up post to her initial blog entitled "Canada Needs To Invest In Its Publicly Funded Eating Disorder Programs."