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Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation

Elizabeth Choi, Entrepreneur in Residence

Entrepreneur in Residence

Prior to joining Ivey, Elizabeth spent over 8 years working around the globe within the financial industry, for both private and public sector organizations.  Her experience included Portfolio Management and Financial Markets Trading for organizations including TD Asset Management, TD Securities, Barclays Capital (US, UK, Singapore), and The Bank of Canada.  After her extensive experience in finance, Elizabeth left to start her own venture, where she successfully grew her business to profitability and eventually sold to focus on other opportunities.  She is currently on her second venture in the medical innovation realm, and is conducting clinical trials with a major Toronto hospital.  Through this venture, Elizabeth has developed firsthand knowledge pertaining to the challenges of translating medical technologies into Ontario’s health care industry. This experience has inspired Elizabeth to develop more efficient and value based processes to steer the adoption of smart innovative technologies within Ontario’s health care system. At Ivey, Elizabeth is involved in teaching the processes and barriers to clinical implementation as well as the development of business cases and go-to-market strategies for health care innovations