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Developing innovations through Health Studies healthcare challenge

  • Suraj Paul
  • |
  • Mar 6, 2019
Developing innovations through Health Studies healthcare challenge

The Health Care Challenge, run by the Health Studies Students’ Association, is an annual event where teams of students compete against each other by presenting their unique, innovative, and viable solutions about a particular health care problem to a panel of judges. This is a one-of-a-kind event as there are no other case competitions on campus focused on finding innovative solutions to health care issues. The topic of this year’s challenge surrounded the idea of reducing wait times in the Canadian health care system.

A total of twenty-three teams submitted their proposals in December, of which seven teams were selected to compete on March 3rd. The participants were students with diverse educational backgrounds, including health sciences, medical sciences, software engineering, and Ivey School of Business students. Although the competition was strong, the judges were able to choose one winning team.

Dhruvika Angrish, Zohra Bhimani, and Claudia Enderlein, all fourth-year Health Studies students, are the winners of this year’s Health Care Challenge. Each participant received a $500 scholarship which will go towards their education. Their innovation was an online platform called ConnectCare, which allows family doctors to conduct 15-20 minute virtual consultations with specialists from their home offices, which significantly reduces wait times by decreasing the number of patients waiting an unhealthy amount of time for a specialist consultation. The system also allows for family doctors to conduct virtual consultations with their patients, giving patients the comfort of viewing their health screening results and requesting prescription refills online, minimizing the need for unnecessary family doctor visits, thereby freeing up time for family doctors to treat other patients.

Dhruvika, Zohra, and Claudia are prime examples of young and upcoming innovators in the healthcare industry. Congratulations!