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One of the most important roles for any business school is the generation of intellectual capital – the continuous development of new insights and new models for the discovery of best practices that have direct relevance to managers today


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  • Oana Branzei, Victor Cui, Vertinsky, Robinson, 2018, "Trust in the Workplace: The Role of Social Interaction Diversity in the Community and in the Workplace" Business and Society
  • Romel Mostafa, Steven Klepper, 2018, "Industrial Development through Tacit Knowledge Seeding: Evidence from the Bangladesh Garment Industry" Management Science
  • Saurin Patel, Burcin Col, 2018, "Going to Haven? Corporate Social Responsibility and Tax Avoidance" Journal of Business Ethics
  • Andreas Schotter, Max Stallkamp, Brian Pinkham, Olga Buchel, 2018, "Core or Periphery? The Effects of Country-of-Origin Agglomerations on the Within-Country Expansion of MNEs" Journal of International Business Studies
  • Klaus Meyer, Katherine Xin, 2018, "Managing Talent in Emerging Economy Multinationals: Integrating Strategic Management and Human Resource Management" International Journal of Human Resource Management
  • Paul Beamish, Megan (Min) Zhang, 2018, "An Institutional Response Model to Economic Liberalization: Japanese MNEs’ Ownership Choices in China" Asia Pacific Journal of Management
  • Klaus Meyer, Jing Li, Yuan Ding, Hua Zhang, 2018, "Diplomatic and corporate networks: Bridges to foreign locations" Journal of International Business Studies
  • Andreas Schotter, Max Stallkamp, Brian Pinkham, 2017, "MNE Headquarters Disaggregation: The Formation Antecedents of Regional Management Centers" Journal of Management Studies
  • Shih-Fen Chen, Chiung-Hui Tseng, 2017, "Do Firms with More Alliance Experience Outperform Others with Less? A Three-Level Sigmoid Model and Moderating Effects of Diversification" Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
  • Paul Beamish, Li Dai, Lorraine Eden, 2017, "Caught in the Crossfire: Dimensions of Vulnerability and Foreign Multinationals’ Exit from War-Afflicted Countries" Strategic Management Journal
  • Andreas Schotter, Duckjung Shin, Vanessa Hasse, 2017, "Multinational Enterprises within Cultural Space and Place: Integrating Cultural Distance and Cultural Tightness-Looseness" Academy of Management Journal
  • Andreas Schotter, Mudambi Ram, Yves Doz, Ajai Gaur, 2017, "Boundary Spanning in Global Organizations" Journal of Management Studies
  • Paul Beamish, Michael Roberts, 2017, "The Scaffolding Activities of International Returnee Executives: A Learning Based Perspective of Global Boundary Spanning" Journal of Management Studies
  • Andreas Schotter, Mudambi Ram, H. Saranga, 2017, "Mastering the Make-In-India Challenge" Sloan Management Review (MIT)
  • Brian Pinkham, Mike Peng, 2017, "Overcoming institutional voids via arbitration" Journal of International Business Studies
  • Shih-Fen Chen, F. Sun, 2017, "The Role of Entertainment in Economic Exchanges: A Governance Perspective and Propositions" Management and Organization Review
  • Paul Beamish, Yamlaksira Getachew, 2017, "Foreign Subsidiary Exit from Africa: The Effects of Investment Purpose Diversity and Orientation" Global Strategy Journal
  • Andreas Schotter, Dwarkaprasad Chakravarty, Ying-Ying Hsieh, Paul Beamish, 2017, "Multinational Enterprise Regional Management Centres: Characteristics and Performance" Journal of World Business
  • Felipe Restrepo, Heitor Almeida, Igor Cunha, Miguel Ferreira, 2017, "The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: The Sovereign Ceiling Channel" Journal of Finance
  • Oana Branzei, Lisa Jones-Christensen, Enno Siemsen, Madhubalan Viswanathan, 2017, "Response Pattern Analysis: Assuring Data Integrity in Extreme Research Settings" Strategic Management Journal
  • Isaac Robert Holloway, 2017, "Learning via Sequential Market Entry: Evidence from International Releases of U.S. Movies" Journal of International Economics
  • Oana Branzei, M. Jiang, J. Xia, 2016, "DIY: How Internationalization Shifts the Locus of Indigenous Innovation for Chinese Firms" Journal of World Business
  • Rob Klassen, F.A. Huq, I.N. Chowdhury, 2016, "Social Management Capabilities of Multinational Buying Firms and their Emerging Market Suppliers: An Exploratory Study of the Clothing Industry" Journal of Operations Management
  • Paul Beamish, Jean Arregle, Toyah Miller, Michael Hitt, 2016, "How does regional institutional complexity affect MNE internationalization?" Journal of International Business Studies
  • Dominic Lim, Chang Hoon Oh, Dirk De Clercq, 2016, "Engagement in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Interactive Effects of Individual-level Factors and Institutional Conditions" International Business Review