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Community Consulting Project

What is the Community Consulting Project?

The Community Consulting Project (CCP) is a program that matches Ivey student teams with local non-profit organizations to undertake pro-bono consulting projects.

These projects are completed over a six-week period beginning in September and ending in mid-November. At the end of the project, student teams present their findings in a report or presentation outlining specific recommendations addressing the business issues. Throughout the project, student teams are guided in their research, analysis, and presentation by consultants from Accenture.

Benefits to participating organizations include:

  • Four bright, energetic HBA students supported by two experienced and professional Accenture consultants are assigned to each project
  • Students have access to the world-class faculty at the Ivey School of Business and their second year peers for advice and support
  • Students come from a diverse set of backgrounds, enabling them to offer objective analysis and creative solutions to your business issues

Interested students and non-profit organizations can see further detail about the program, application, and announcements by visiting the Ivey Community Consulting Project website.