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Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management

Event - A Post-Pandemic Economic Vision for Canada: The What, Why and How

  • Nov 19, 2021
Event - A Post-Pandemic Economic Vision for Canada: The What, Why and How

COVID-19 has forced Canada’s governments to pivot into a crisis mode, pushing policymakers to focus more on short-term challenges than longer-term, strategic policy development. However, as Canada emerges from the pandemic, concerns are rising around issues such as lagging competitiveness, diminished business investment and modest long-term growth potential—challenges that predate COVID-19. Additionally, the world is undergoing major transitions, including the 4th industrial revolution, shifts to low carbon economy, changing geo-political dynamics and the demand for inclusive and shared prosperity. While there are reasons for optimism in containing the pandemic, the recovery is expected to be bumpy and uneven as evidenced by supply chain bottlenecks, rising inflation and labour shortages. Against this backdrop, what should be Canada’s post-pandemic economic vision? What policy priorities must be included in that vision? How can Canada effectively develop and implement longer-term, strategic policy to enhance its competitiveness and secure inclusive and sustainable prosperity for all Canadians? How do we create a "Grand Alliance" between governments, business, labour and community groups to reach such goals?

Join the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management for a dynamic discussion entitled, A Post-Pandemic Economic Vision for Canada: The What, Why and How?

The panel will feature:

  • The Honourable Senator Peter Harder
  • The Honourable Senator Pierrette Ringuette
  • The Honourable Senator Brent Cotter
  • The Honourable Senator Sabi Marwah

The discussion will be moderated by the Honourable Perrin Beatty, the President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and advisory council member of the Lawrence National Centre.

As members of the Senate Prosperity Action Group, the panelists will share their insights into the above pressing questions facing our nation at this critical juncture. They will draw upon their recent report entitled “Rising to the Challenge of New Global Realities: Forging A New Path for Sustainable Inclusive and Shared Prosperity in Canada” released earlier this fall.

Click here to register and participate live on Monday, December 6th from 2:30-3:45pm EST. Please feel free to forward this email along to anyone in your network who might be able to benefit from this conversation. You can also submit questions in advance when you register.