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Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management


Watch video interviews with visiting experts from business, government and the media at the Lawrence Centre.

Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation under a Joint Framework

Kelly Johnston, VP, Government Affairs, Campbell’s Soup Co, relays how “small technical differences” can hurt trade and manufacturers, but lessons learned can offer a joint approach to food safety.

Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation and Government Engagement

William Westman, SVP, International Affairs, for the North American Meat Institute, speaks about the importance of solving technical differences to achieve greater regulatory convergence in a highly integrated NA meat industry.

Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation and Barriers to Innovation

David Whitman, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, for 3M, reflects on how differences in the interpretation of standards, coupled with a lack of human resources, prevents Canada's agri-food sector from timely access to leading edge food testing technologies.

Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation and Global Initiatives

Mike Robach, VP, Corporate Food Safety, for Cargill, U.S. discusses the importance of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and bringing private and public sectors together to advance regulatory cooperation.

Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation and Cross Border Trade

Regulatory Cooperation between Canada and the US goes beyond aligning regulations. Rory McAlpine, Senior Vice President, Government and Industry Relations, Maple Leaf Foods discusses scientific collaboration as a key element where both countries can work together to improve cross-border trade.

Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation Under NAFTA 2.0

Lawrence Centre Fellow, Robert Carberry, founder and chief strategist for the Canadian side of the Regulatory Cooperation Council between Canada and the US, discusses the merits of greater regulatory cooperation in NA with a focus on the agri-food sector.

Linda Hasenfratz | Ivey Idea Forum - Made in Canada? Rethinking Canadian Manufacturing

Linda Hasenfratz, CEO, Linamar Corp, talks about the key elements that help make Linamar competitive internationally and what government can do to help growth strategies of Canadian manufacturers.

Jayson Myers | Ivey Idea Forum - Made in Canada? Rethinking Canadian Manufacturing

Jayson Myers, President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), discusses the challenges to his members of trying to succeed internationally and how government can support growth strategies of Canadian manufactures.

Interview with Robert Hardt | Ivey Idea Forum - Made in Canada? Rethinking Canadian Manufacturing.

Robert Hardt, President and CEO, Siemens Canada, talks about innovative strategies needed for Canadian manufacturers to grow successfully and what government can do to help business compete.

Interview with John Beck & Geoff Smith | Are P3s the answer to Canada's infrastructure deficit?

John Beck, Executive Chairman, Aecon Group Inc and Geoff Smith, President and CEO, Ellis Don, discuss the public-private partnership (P3) model to deliver public infrastructure projects.

Interview with Robert Hardt | Investment Attraction by Siemens in New Brunswick

Robert Hardt talks about the decision by Siemens to invest in New Brunswick Power's smart grid solution, and what government can do to attract such investments.

EC and Total's $10bn oil sands project

Coleen Volk, former Assistant Deputy Minister Environment Canada (EC) reflects on the groundbreaking conservation agreement between EC and Total E&P Canada that led to the approval of the Joslyn Mine project.

Future of Canadian Manufacturing

Lawrence Centre research “The Future of Canadian Manufacturing; Learning from Leading Firms”, is discussed by Ivey professors and prominent leaders in business and government. Read more at:

Beyond the Border

Simon Kennedy, former Associate Deputy Minister of Industry Canada discusses his strategy for leading accelerated negotiations with the U.S. on Border Security.

Beyond the Border Pt.2

Simon Kennedy, former Associate Deputy Minister of Industry Canada illustrates the conundrum of accountability without full authority in negotiating with the U.S. on Border Security.

Crisis at OPG

Richard Dicerni, Deputy Minister of Alberta and former Deputy Minister of Industry Canada, illustrates the complex relationship between a Crown corporation and political shareholder in addressing the 2003 Ontario Power Generation (OPG) crisis.

9 Habits of Highly Effective Resource Economies

Madelaine Drohan is the author of "The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Resource Economies" highlights the issues the Canada needs to address when it comes to managing its wealth of natural resources and the policies that govern them.

9 Habits Pt. 2

Madelaine Drohan warns that Canada risks squandering the inheritance from the extraction of its natural resources because it lacks a clear national plan to exploit them wisely.

9 Habits Pt. 3

Madelaine Drohan, discusses Canada’s image abroad, and the countries that informed her research into lessons Canada could learn to better manage its natural resources.

Founding of iPolitics

James Baxter, founder and publisher of iPolitics, speaks on the social mission of a new venture.

Business and Public Policy

Dustin Hughes, HBA 2012, Lawrence National Centre Student Advisory Council, interviews The Honourable Michael Wilson, former Finance Minister and Canadian Ambassador to the United States, about business and public policy.

The future of food and health

Experts from industry, academia, and government share their vision at Food and Health: Advancing the Policy Agenda. The workshop was held by the Richard Ivey School of Business' Chair of Agri-Food Innovation and Regulation and the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management March 29-30 1010 in London Ontario.