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Paul Carroll

Paul CarrollPaul Carroll is a leader and change agent in Scotiabank’s Global Banking and Markets.

He is also the president of Pathfinder Leadership Associates (PLA). PLA helps clients improve their leadership abilities through experiential learning.

He retired after 24 years of military service in 2016 including 12 years in Canada’s premiere counter-terrorism and special operations unit –Joint Task Force 2.

While in the special operations community he served as chief of operations, chief instructor and as surveillance and reconnaissance squadron commander. 

His military training and deployments to Afghanistan, Haiti, Africa, the Middle East and Bosnia have shaped his leadership philosophy which emphasizes humour, humanity and humility.

Paul holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business and an undergraduate degree in English and Political Science from Carleton University. He is training for his professional coaching certification. He is a former television and radio broadcaster. 

He serves as co-chair of the Scotiabank Veterans Network and is a founder, past president and serving board member of The Blackstone Association, a non-for-profit that supports special operations veterans. 

He is a former board member of and remains active in The Treble Victor Group which enables ex-military leaders to achieve their full potential in the marketplace. He also served as a committee member for The True Patriot Love Foundation.

He enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for physical fitness and mindfulness. He is the father of three wonderful teens who expertly (and regularly) test the practicality of his leadership philosophy.

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