The Leadership Institute has hosted guests from all sectors of business who give their insights into what it takes to be a great leader.

Managing your personal and organizational reputation

Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman of Navigator Ltd. participated in the Institute’s 4th Annual HBA Leader Character and Candour Conference. Watt provides leadership advice to students and discusses how leaders can rebuild their reputation in times of crisis.

Studying Leader Character

We spoke to Dr. Thomas A. Wright, Larkin Distinguished Professor in Management at Fordham University at the Leadership Institute’s 2nd Annual Leader Character Conference. Tom shares his perspectives on studying leader character - what got him interested and what important questions still need to be answered.

Discussing digital with Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins, Chairman OpenText Corporation discusses the nature of disruption due to digital, the leadership challenges in a digital world and some of the implications for business education.

What is Leader Character and How Does It Influence How We Lead?

Dr. Gerard Seijts, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Ivey Business School discusses research conducted on the virtues, values and personality traits that make up leader character and why character dimensions should be embedded in organizations.

HBA students put their leadership on the line

Leadership under Fire is a four-day intensive course designed to deliver the insights of good leadership under stressful conditions that have been developed through the experiences of the military. Video produced by: Ted Endean, EMBA '16

Leadership lessons from Jeanne Beker

Jeanne Beker talks about the importance of fearlessness, resilience, and authenticity.