The combination of a Master’s of Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration provides students with the unique opportunity to combine the technical knowledge of engineering with leadership skills in business. This is ideal for anyone looking for a career in manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, logistics, consulting, or finance. Further, the ability to develop a new product or technology in engineering and commercialize that new product or technology at Ivey offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Structure of M.Eng. and MBA Combined Program

Year Months Program Structure
One March - August (to Labour Day) MBA Modules 1, 2 
September - December Engineering Technical Courses (3)
January - March MBA Electives
Two April - August Engineering Project and Professional Courses (2)
September - December MBA Electives and Ivey Field Project
January - April Engineering Technical Courses (3)
June Engineering Convocation, MBA Convocation


2017 Entrants
Tuition for the MBA/M.Eng. Program*

  Domestic International
MBA $84,250 $96,750
M.Eng. $16,177 $21,211
Total (for 2 years) $100,427 $117,961


Applicants must apply to Ivey and to the Faculty of Engineering separately. Should you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us at

*Subject to change.