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Andrew Michalik

Director, Infrastructure Projects, Walmart Canada


MBA 2012, Ivey Business School

Prior to returning to Ivey I was working as a Management Consultant with IBM in Toronto. I wanted to make a drastic career change into Supply Chain and thought that an MBA would provide a natural transition point from one field to another. Going back to Ivey was a no-brainer: I knew I would only have eight months without a paycheque, tuition would be 40 per cent off, I could leverage the strong Career Management team to help me transition careers, and I would only be two hours away from my wife in Toronto. On top of all that, I already knew that I would enjoy the case-based methodology that sets Ivey apart from all other MBA programs in the area.

As an AMBA student I had almost full control over my curriculum and could choose electives focused on areas that I wanted to develop. The China Study Trip was a terrific way to earn a course credit while participating in an eye-opening adventure that taught me about a completely different world halfway around the planet. I use the lessons that I learned in my Negotiations course on a regular basis both in and out of the workplace. The outstanding Value Investing course taught me a data-driven evaluation methodology that I use when making personal investing decisions and the course was capped off by a trip to meet Warren Buffett. The Supply Chain course gave me a foundation in key concepts of supply chain that I needed in order to pursue my new career.

The Career Management team was of immense help as I pursued a new career. Resumé workshops, mock interviews, networking tips, and a whole binder of helpful guidelines all helped me craft my personal brand into a message that corporate recruiters found very appealing.  Also of great value were regular one-on-one meetings with staff members who got to know my career objectives and helped me emphasize my strengths and improve on my weaknesses.

Within one month of graduating, I had secured a job on Walmart’s Logistics team in Mississauga. I am now working on a number of exciting initiatives to improve Walmart’s supply chain across Canada. One of the more exciting projects includes the introduction of a first of its kind sixty-foot drop-deck trailer that hauls 30 per cent more freight than a regular unit, promising to reduce both Walmart’s transportation costs and the environmental impact of the supply chain. Another project involves piloting and rolling out B-Train tractor trailers (two short trailers hauled by one tractor) in order to better service Walmart’s smaller stores.

In hindsight, returning to Ivey was the right move for me. I was able to quickly add value to my resumé and turn my time at Ivey into a new and rewarding career in less than one year.