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Banafsheh Behfar

It was first through the Ivey network that I was introduced to the Ivey Business School at Western University. Holding various positions including mid-management roles in the financial services industry for five years, I reached a turning point in my career that required strong knowledge of different domains of business. I immediately knew that the only way to achieve my future professional and personal aspirations was through pursuing my MBA at the Ivey Business School.

The class dynamic and the case method are fundamental tools in becoming future business leaders. Every morning, sections come together prepared to contribute to the case discussion. It is a robust environment that requires individual preparation and learning team engagements. It has been an honour to be in the classroom full of talented and like-minded individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

The Ivey Case-Method is truly unique and requires strong leadership and decision-making skills. This systematic approach creates an invaluable process for real-life problem solving. An advocate for kinesthetically learning, I believe in learning in practice. At Ivey Business School we practise decision making every day. We learn very quickly that there are many different ways of looking at the same information. As a leading business school globally, Ivey accelerates leadership skills to the next level.

Career Management, Admissions, and the administrative staff at Ivey are the finest in creating an environment that is internally and externally cohesive. Their support, embedded in the culture of Ivey, makes this experience enriching.

My future career aspiration is to secure a senior management role in a leading global management consulting firm. It is my passion for creating value and making a difference in my community that maps my future career path. I believe that the greater good is only achieved through collaboration that stems from diversity in a team environment. Ivey’s lessons in how to communicate my passions more effectively are stepping stones towards my long-term career goal.

If you are considering an MBA at Ivey, commit yourself to an exceptional journey that will build your competence and character to become a world-class leader.

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Ivey Business School

Banafsheh Behfar

Banafsheh Behfar