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Brittni Allin

Prior to joining the Ivey MBA Program, I was fortunate enough to work with an international business development organization operating in the Middle East, a boutique management consulting firm serving diversified clients, and a leading financial institution in a corporate finance role. These positions gave me a broad view of the professional services and finance industries, but I wanted the opportunity to advance my career and knew I needed a top-tier education to prepare myself for the transition. This was the moment I decided to apply to the Ivey MBA Program.

Applying to the Ivey program was an easy decision for me. Through both my personal and professional life I`ve had the opportunity to meet a number of Ivey graduates and was thoroughly impressed by their commitment to the school and alumni network. Every graduate I spoke with prior to applying to Ivey was willing and excited to share with me their experience in the program and how they have benefited from the Ivey family since graduating. Additionally, I had seen many Ivey success stories on the front page of the news, but through these conversations I learned that many more exist throughout the country and that Ivey alumni are at the heart of the Canadian business community.

The other distinguishing feature of the program that solidified my decision was Ivey’s case study method. Ivey’s approach prepares you for the real world of business in a unique and practical way not found in many other business schools. The interactive classroom discussions provide opportunities for fellow classmates and professors to share their unique experiences and perspectives, which results in outstanding learning experiences.

My advice to future Ivey MBA candidates: the time you spend at Ivey will pass by quickly, so I encourage you to make the most of your experience by challenging yourself to try new things, participating in clubs and sports leagues, and travelling with your new classmates every chance you have.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Regina

MBA '16

Ivey Business School

Brittni Allin

Brittni Allin

Yorkton, Saskatchewan