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Gaurav Shinde

Flashback: Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, 16th March 2014, it’s foggy, three degrees, and I am already wearing seven layers of clothing. Bags packed and final calls made before the long race across the Pacific to San Francisco. The next thirty-one days were a fight against nature, isolation, and myself. The freebies were storms every four days, a hypothermic shock, seeing Mt. Fuji and the International Space Station, 45-foot waves, rain, hail, and big huge bowls of pasta.

Fast Forward: Brock Pavilion, 16th March 2015, breakfast time, suits, and seated with some of the best business talent in the world. What a change a year can be.

Have the months at Ivey been as exciting as sailing around the world on a yacht? Or even as challenging as working in the Search Quality team at Google? Hell Yes! Every day throws a different challenge like the way the sea challenged me every day, the questions thrown at me by the faculty at Ivey haven’t been of any less strength than a 60-foot wave in a storm and the students are as talented as the people I worked with at Google.

Having worked at a company like Google, culture was the most important factor in my decision when choosing a business school. A great academic MBA experience is offered by many great schools all over the world, but Ivey gave me something different. From day one of my interaction with Ivey representatives, I was made to feel at home. My interactions with members of the Ivey staff were always geared towards helping me fit right in. After making friends in the Ivey class, I believe Ivey was always meant to be a significant chapter in my life. Being an Ivey alumni, I know I will influence the world.

The most fascinating thing I have found in the past few months is the strength of the alumni network. Get Connected is a one of a kind event that Ivey organizes every year and it has been the highlight of my time at Ivey. I experienced the culture of saying ‘Yes’ from the alumni to meeting or talking over phone or the internet from day one of my researching business programs. With the bonds I have made in the past few months, I feel the culture has been embedded and will be one of the most important take always from this program.


  • Bachelors in Mass Media, St. Xavier's College, Mumbia University

MBA '16

Ivey Business School

Gaurav Shinde

Gaurav Shinde

Mumbai, India