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Keisha Bailey

My immediate goal is to pursue a career in Management Consulting working with small and medium enterprises and mid-sized corporations, which I believe to be the lifeline of developing economies. Ultimately, I intend to return to Jamaica to assist in the economic development of my home country by managing and growing my two start-up businesses. Having already gained five years of practical experience in Investment Banking and three years in Risk Management, as well as recently starting two small businesses, I chose to pursue an MBA at Ivey Business School. The MBA will complement my existing technical abilities and equip me with valuable business management and entrepreneurial skills. In Ivey’s action-oriented learning environment, I have been able to sharpen my skills in other fields by engaging with professionals and fellow students from a myriad of backgrounds.

The staff and faculty are two of the key reasons I am at the Ivey Business School today. Ivey’s staff is among the most professional and proactive persons I have met. Their commitment to ensuring that students’ queries are addressed in a timely manner continues to reinforce their passion for their work. The faculty is always available for discussions and displays a strong drive to ensure that students develop holistically during the program. In my short time here I have truly become a part of the Ivey family.

Coming from Jamaica, my first few days in Canada, particularly in London, were very cold! I remember wondering how I would be able to survive the cold weather for the year. However, with the support of my fellow students and the administration staff, I have adjusted quite well to life in Canada. Ivey’s strong support network definitely made me feel welcomed into the Ivey family.

Through Ivey’s globally renowned Case-Method Learning and its commitment to developing business leaders who think globally, act strategically, and contribute to the societies in which they operate, I will be able to apply the business concepts learned. Each day I am able to learn from the diverse perspective of my fellow batch mates, which helps me to make better decisions regarding real-life issues that have faced many companies globally.


  • Bachelor of Acturial Science, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

MBA '15

Ivey Business School

Keisha Bailey

Keisha Bailey

Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica