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Kevin Marban, P.Eng

Prior to coming to Ivey, I worked for a Vancouver-based technology company that develops and manufactures advanced materials for energy-recovery applications. My career progression as an operations manager and member of the executive team in a high-growth business provided me with the opportunity to gain leadership and cross-functional experience at an accelerated pace. While I enjoyed working in this dynamic environment, I chose to pursue an MBA to further expand my business acumen and network of like-minded individuals. Ivey was my obvious choice for three reasons.

First: Ivey Case-Method Learning. Ivey’s unique case-based curriculum offers practical learning and encourages collaboration and boardroom-like discussions. Having had industry experience, it is important for me to be able to apply theory to resolve relevant problems that have an impact in business today. Ivey’s cases cover multi-functional problems in a variety of industries, pushing candidates to develop into well-rounded managers. Furthermore, Ivey’s program is designed to encourage collaboration and discussion. I have found group discussions, both in learning teams and in class, to be very insightful, as peers tend to share their unique work experiences, perspectives, and expertise to provide further context in interpreting and developing solutions to case issues.

Second: the people. I believe that working with the best and brightest has been a key factor in my professional growth and in my early career success. Therefore, the quality of the class, alumni, and faculty was an important consideration to me when selecting an MBA program. Since PKP, I have been impressed with my fellow candidates’ educational, professional, and cultural diversity — all of which contribute to making Ivey a challenging, yet fun, learning environment. The quality of the class also extends outside the classroom — attending Ivey’s Get Connected event in Toronto was a highlight, as it provided our class with the opportunity to meet an exciting and collaborative alumni network that is making strides in today’s professional world. Along with the top-notch faculty and career management team, the people at Ivey provide a solid foundation for candidates to reach their full potential.

Third: the condensed curriculum. Pursuing an MBA requires significant time and financial investment. Ivey’s one-year program is attractive in that it minimizes opportunity costs while maintaining high standards in education; furthermore, the fast-paced learning environment prepares students for an easier transition back to the professional world.

The best way to describe my experience at Ivey is ‘transformational,’ despite only having completed a third of the program thus far. I am excited for the rest of the year ahead, and I would highly encourage prospective candidates to consider Ivey when selecting their MBA program of choice.


  • B.Apsc. Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia

MBA '15

Ivey Business School

Kevin Marban, P.Eng

Kevin Marban