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Bréa Latour

Think back to when you were researching business schools. What did Ivey offer you that other schools did not? What made it a good fit for you?

I had never wanted to complete a master’s program. I was ready to dive headfirst into the workforce and start my career as soon as I finished undergrad. To my frustration, a recruiter from Ivey came and told our class about the MSc. I immediately emailed the recruiter for more information and called my dad to let him know that I was strongly considering applying for the program. Ivey offered such a unique take on experiential learning, integrative teaching, and international exposure that I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The international experiences were what interested me most about the MSc International Business + CEMS-MIM. To have the opportunity to be immersed in and mixed in with so many cultures, with people from all around the world, learning about international business; what more could you ask for? Luckily, I didn’t have to ask for more, because Ivey already offered so much. The case-based learning method was a big factor in my interest for the program. I had had previous experience with that learning style and found it very valuable because it integrated many business elements into a business context. This learning method provides students with the opportunity to think of new perspectives and to discuss and learning from others. It is more enriching than you can imagine. Seek to understand before being understood, that’s a valuable lesson that I’ve gathered at Ivey. I’d be happy to share any more lessons if you’re interested.

Think about the relationships you have built with students, staff and faculty.

I have found myself looking around my classroom feeling so excited to be studying with my colleagues. Everyone is at Ivey wildly different reasons, but also there for the exact same reason; to learn from one another and ourselves. There is a sense of family and community like you can’t ever imagine because we do everything together. It may seem tedious at first to always be with the same people, but the students are so exciting and diverse that it is never a dull moment. I look at my cohort and honestly feel more at home (I know its corny, but it’s very true).

I’ve had chats with professors and staff for many reasons, whether it be for ask them for help with schoolwork, to get to know them better, to network, or learn from them. Like the students, the staff and faculty are incredible people eager to help and get involved in your Ivey experience. These great people love their job, and you can tell because they are dedicated and passionate. I always recommend exploring your resources, who knows what will come of it.

Describe your career view – how do you think Ivey will help you get there and achieve career success long-term?

My goals are highly specific. Sure, this may not seem like the best idea, but I am a firm believe in the idea that you should focus your positive energy on things that you want in order to get the result that you want, so that is what I am doing. I want to work in change/integration management for international mergers and acquisitions for global cosmetics companies. I am very passionate about this goal, and I chose to pursue my further education at Ivey because I knew that it would give me the network, the analytical skills, the critical thinking skills, the international experience and more. I’ve learned to better manage my stress, to be a better listener, to give and take constructive feedback (which is harder than it may seem), and to be a better teammate. I try to reflect daily on how this experience has helped me, but I know that it’ll take me winning and failing again, to realize what Ivey has taught me.  I can’t wait!

Brea Latour

MSc '21

Ivey Business School

Bréa Latour

Bréa Latour

MSc in International Business with CEMS MIM 2021