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Tony Frost | Don’t always mind the talent gap

  • HRM Canada
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  • Feb 1, 2017
Tony Frost | Don’t always mind the talent gap

A big challenge for CEOs is hiring a talented pool of employees for today and tomorrow.  In an article for HRM Canada, Associate Professor Tony Frost discussed the conflicting perspectives between traditional human resources (HR) and C-suite hiring preferences. Traditional HR teams prefer “well-rounded employees,” while traditional C-suites prefer hiring candidates with spikes of talent, despite obvious talent gaps.

Frost explained how managers who are exceptional in key areas and weak in others have a much greater impact on corporate performance, especially regarding key success drivers of an organization.

“As someone involved in executive education, I think all weaknesses can be addressed, at least to some degree,” he said. “In other words, I think everyone needs to be open to some gap-filling. That said, the HR world needs to be more open to the ‘magnify the strengths’ mindset, and not just because more than a few leaders create value very well despite having clearly identifiable talent gaps.”