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Peter Nguyen


PhD (anticipated completion 2018), Ivey Business School



About Peter

Peter Nguyen is a marketing doctoral candidate at the Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada. His primary research is in how emerging technological systems (e.g., online peer reviews, mobile devices, and peer-to-peer transactions) influence consumer decision-making. In one set of research papers, Peter investigates the role of experience of online users and mobile devices in the context of peer reviews; he demonstrates when and how novice users have a greater influence on consumers than their expert counterparts. In another research paper, using a meta-analysis based on hierarchical modeling and bootstrapping, he uncovers the relative explanatory power of postulated drivers for the disparity in peer-to-peer (buyer-seller) valuations. Peter’s research methodology involves combining empirical modeling of real-world data with laboratory experiments in order to rigorously test postulated hypotheses and draw well-substantiated conclusions. His teaching interest include marketing analytics, digital marketing, and marketing research. Prior to joining the PhD program, Peter received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Medical Sciences and his master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from Western University.