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Featured Research

Jul 10, 2019

How do we get more academics to promote Promoters? Recommendations for turning academic detractors into promoters for the Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is used to assess customer satisfaction. Its popularity by businesses is not reflected by investigations in research journals. Ivey marketing researcher, Neil Bendle, and colleagues review the issues that divide managers and academics on a metric that deserves study.
Jul 1, 2019

Price accommodations

Aysajan Eziz develops a data-driven approach to hotel room pricing
Jun 27, 2019

Ivey presents its Best of Summer Reads series

Ivey faculty members recommend the summer's best business reads.
Jun 19, 2019

The gravity of the situation: Psychosocial intervention for manned spaceflight

Spaceflight-induced stress presents a serious problem to solve for agencies that are planning long-term trips for astronauts and other spaceflight participants. Ivey's Lucas Monzani (and colleagues) propose a multi-phase plan as an intervention for this psychosocial stress.
Jun 12, 2019

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s off to mine we go: Video mining for effectiveness

Ivey’s Shane Wang and colleagues use video from online crowdfunding to demonstrate the effectiveness of video mining as a marketing tool. They find that variation in a video and video content predict successful crowdfunding. They discuss the potential for video mining for marketing research.
Jun 5, 2019

Winning the Loyalty Program Race

When it’s easy for consumers to leave one company for another loyalty programs can give you a competitive edge…if you create the right program. Ivey alumna Alina Nastasoiu and Ivey’s Mark Vandenbosch outline three strategies to consider for a loyalty program that works.
Jun 1, 2019

Turnaround strategies

Vanessa Hasse investigates management responses to underperforming subsidiaries.
May 29, 2019

Born with a Silver-Faced Spoon in Your Mouth

Children raised in a wealthy household and who fail to develop a secure bond with their parents seek out a way to interact with their environment. In fact, as adults, they tend to ascribe human characteristics to non-human objects and animals.
May 22, 2019

Being Cruel to Be Kind: Tax Havens and Increased Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations that strategically use offshore tax shelters to increase profits also increase their positive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. The authors speculate that these practices may be viewed by consumers and the community as an unethical practice.
May 15, 2019

How does a business achieve both economic and creative success?

A case study of a successful design firm in Denmark finds that employees with seemingly competing interests within the firm, economic stability and artistic freedom, have interactions that are both financially productive and promotes firm cohesion in its mission to deliver cutting edge creativity.