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Feedback that ostracizes coworkers

  • Dec 12, 2017
Feedback that ostracizes coworkers

Ivey’s Ann Peng, along with Wei Zeng, finds that when 360 degree feedback is used in a work setting, being ostracized by coworkers has a stronger negative influence on employees' state self-esteem. In turn, this lower self-esteem promotes interpersonal deviance, and demotivates helping directed toward coworkers. Their studies of workplaces in North America and China also finds that this lower self-esteem accounts for a stronger negative association of ostracism with helping behavior among employees who are exposed to 360 degree feedback.

Peng, Ann Chunyan, and Wei Zeng (2017) Workplace Ostracism and Deviant and Helping Behaviors: The Moderating Role of 360 Degree Feedback." Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38: 833–855.


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