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Routines Can Resolve Goal Conflict

  • Jun 9, 2017

In an organization with conflicting goals, flexible routines and dynamic truces can be invaluable for managing conflict over time.

Routines Can Resolve Goal Conflict

In this research Carlo Salvato and Ivey’s Claus Rerup explore the role of organizational routines as a flexible way to manage conflict within an organization. Studying one Italian firm over many years, they demonstrate that dynamic truces can be created to incorporate competing goals. They show that routines, which we often think of as static, can instead be considered ongoing, dynamic, and effortful accomplishments by opposing forces within an organization. They conclude that flexible routines and dynamic truces can be sources for managing conflicting organizational goals over time.

Salvato, Carlo and Claus Rerup (2017), “Routine Regulation: Balancing Conflicting Goals in Organizational Routines,” Administrative Science Quarterly First published date: April-27-2017


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