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Bouncing Back and Building Resilience

  • Jul 19, 2017
Bouncing Back and Building Resilience

Maintaining a balance between stability and flexibility is a hallmark of organizational resilience. With a study of 963 U.S.-based firms’ reactions to the global financial crisis, researchers Mark DesJardine, Ivey’s Tima Bansal, and Yang Yang measure organizational resilience with two organizational outcomes of general environmental shocks: the severity of organizational losses and the organization’s time to recovery. These researchers demonstrate that strategic social and environmental practices contribute more to organizational resilience than do tactical social and environmental practices. Specifically, organizations with relatively more strategic practices will experience fewer losses and recover more quickly from general environmental disturbances.

DesJardine, Mark, Pratima Bansal and Yang Yang (2017), “Bouncing Back: Building Resilience Through Social and Environmental Practices in the Context of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis,” Journal of Management. First published date: May-16-2017


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